Such a Wonderful Critter Summer

On a hike...
this massive guy was napping in the woods
we got to see him stand up and just be.....
he stood still for a very long time

driving through the mountains
at the top of the world
endless huge beauty
(B7 Pillar)

this mountain chickadee
sat/stood a foot from me
on this branch for quite a long time
at first I thought it wanted seed (see my last post)
but it did not take any
so we simply stood and listened and looked
and relaxed into the day

In the woods, off trail, taking to heart the details of forest life. Spying a sylvan mushroom, brightly colored red. I must take it's portrait, a photograph. But how to get through the tangle of downed trees, scramble of branches. Ducking this and that, making my way to it, I hear a sound and look up to see a little tree squirrel scrambling up a spruce tree, with the mushroom, the very same mushroom in it's mouth, twice as big as the squirrels head. Up up up the tree trunk and then lays it on a branch to age and dry. The squirrel nearly flies to the earth in search of it's next foraged meal. 

What are the chances of that! The squirrel got to and took the mushroom before me. Still inspires a smile, as I remember. It was quite dark in the forest or I would have tried to video that busy squirrel for you.  

Lovely end of summer 
(or winter) to you!



  1. Oh, the squirrel story is just too much! Well, I hope he appreciated it. I'm sure fairies and Neverland live beneath the mushrooms. Just positive.

    What a handsome creature, this moose. Magnificent. And yes, most definitely, the top of the world. I adore how you share your world!

    1. Thanks for enjoying the squirrel story. I usually keep my words short when I post, thinking folks don't want to take the time to read them.

      Fairies and mushrooms, they seem to have a relationship through all time.

  2. You could use a degree to reward your work, "Master of Nature". Beautiful photos.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


    1. Ah, thank you so much. Such a generous comment.

  3. Count on a squirrel to do that. The moose is magnificent.

    1. Squirrels and mushrooms!

      I agree with you about the moose!

  4. What a poweful moose!
    I have never experienced to see that big moose.
    You had a beautifuldrive,Tammie.
    It is feeling fall here too,finally.

  5. Wow - fabulous shots! Love that elk.

  6. The moose is so beautiful. And that photo of the mushroom is so amazing! Summer is pretty much over here these days. But the beauty of fall has just begun!!

  7. Beautiful photos, as always. LOVE the moose. I lived in Alaska as a toddler and seeing a moose in our backyard is one of my clearest memories. He looked in our window. At least that's how I remember it. I was 4! Another time there was one in the front yard when my sister walked home from 1st grade and she had to go to a neighbor's house!

  8. You must be so quiet about critters and birds. You may not have gotten to the mushroom first, but I am sure the squirrel made you smile :D


  9. I used to find mushrooms tucked in the cracks of fallen trees all the time in the woods. Your little guy was getting ready for fall. Hey, I see you have twinflowers ( linnaea borealis) there. Long ago, I found one plant in the woods behind our house, but never again. What a nice group of photos!

  10. Dear Tammie - With that handsome moose, magnificent mountain summit, a lovely bird, and dwarfs’ red table, your mountain is enchantingly lovely. I’m back to blogging from the summer break.


  11. Wow, what a magnificent animal!! Isn't it wonderful when they show up like that? ��

    I hope you have a magical Autumn Tammie.

  12. Beautiful photos! I'm glad that you found so many wonderful things this summer!

  13. Oh, I hope that mushroom wasn't a poisonous one as the squirrel ate it. That little chickadee is just so cute. And what a grand animal that first photo is. Always a pleasure seeing you wonderful photos, Tammie Lee.


  14. Yes, I too enjoyed the squirrel story. :)
    And that moose ~ he's beautiful.
    My neighbor recently had one visiting her yard. I haven't seen it. But I don't see the bobcats either. ::shrugs:: But fox passes through, almost got one of chickens a couple weeks back, but she was able to out maneuver fox and only lost tail feathers on her right side. Nature ~ I love it. And you express her beauty so... beautifully.

  15. Nature is always attractive.
    That view on a large scale enriches the mind.

    Admiration to your beautiful world.

    I wish You all the best.
    Greeting and hug.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  16. Wow what beauty for the eyes here! I have loved each post and all the glory that is around you where you live! I see how you too just relish each day and soak it all in. You do a wonderful job in sharing here, I would have been terrified of that bear though, that is what would really put me off being in your parts, these wild bears that just roam around, even if just a few they are there and that would really freak me. That sunset was amazing, I love those beautiful skies, they are breath taking,y gorgeous!

  17. I seem to have missed this posting, Tammie. All lovely images, but I do rather like that last one of the red-capped mushroom and sweet white flowers!

  18. The natural scenery is wonderful.
    I yearn for America's grandeur.


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