Swan Valley, Montana

Summer days are here. Warm with blues skies and clouds that inspire day dreams. I find life full of critters bustling about, giving birth, eating and thriving. Camping calls to my heart and I cherish every moment.

Perfect Day:

Raising their hooves high as they walked,
I could hear the horses sloshing through water in this tall grass:

Flower Crab Spider
very cleaverly awaits its prey on this Mariposa Lily:

Holland Lake and the Mission Mountains:

Hoping to be fed:

Three turtles and a duck,


  1. that sky, oh how i miss a huge sky living in england, they don't make them like that here, spectacular.

  2. Good heavens. Somehow even the word "perfect" doesn't seem enough to describe the beauty of this day. Blessings to you for the wisdom and courage to plant yourself in heaven's foothills. And for sharing glimpses of it with the rest of us.

  3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2008

    Your photos are just gorgeous! I found your blog by following a link off of Bobo's Fun Place Blog. I am so glad I did! Your photos were very enlightening to me! Do you live in this beautiful valley? If so, you are very very lucky! I really like your blog and I will be back :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures and scenery... almost like I was there! Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  5. Lovely photos! I love the close up of the squirrel the best. Just made me smile.

  6. what wonderful photos! Looks like a wonderful place full of wildlife.

  7. Beautiful ... beautiful ... beautiful country.


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