My Oldest Friend

I was twelve years old and in sixth grade. Twas a sunny blue skied school day. We were an hour into class when a new girl walked in. She had wavy dark hair, a round face with big beautiful eyes. More than her looks, what is vivid in my memory is a spark that ignited in the center of my heart as she strolled into class. It was a feeling of recognition. I knew we would be friends.

Let me say a bit about the sensation of that spark. It felt tiny, illuminated in white and golden light, made of the same breath that all life rises from - yet condensed, powerful and ignited as a small explosion, yet big enough so that I could not miss it's existence.

Perhaps the sparks meaning is: get to know this person. Or perhaps it is: an energetic connection between two people that is full of chemistry. For me, when I experience this spark, I feel that I have known this person through eternity, they already live in my heart, the rest will fall into place naturally.

I have experienced this with many of my good friends. When it happens now I am always curious as to what our future holds. The first time I remember this happening is with my oldest friend.

The first few years of our friendship Donna and I hung with different crowds. She was wild and rebellious to societies ways. I was quiet and full of day dreams, rebellious in a different way. Our so called associates did not 'get' our connection- but we did. When we visited our talks were deep and meaningful.

Donna moved an hour away, yet we stayed in touch, never letting much time pass between letters, phone conversations or visits. Today, 38 years later, we live even further away and yet we are still the dearest of friends.

Photo by: Ed Kennedy
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  1. What lovely memories from the day we met. Funny how I can remember that day too. We were obviously meant to be great friends and you've truly enriched my life every day I've know you. Love you honey!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post! Yes, I too know that spark you wrote about. Feeling or "seeing" it surely is a blessing for it means someone very special to you has just walked into your life :-)

  3. darling D,
    You have enriched my life as well!
    Love you too!

  4. she who flies,

    so wonderful to hear of your knowing this spark as well. I had a sense it might be familiar to many.

  5. beautiful story - the photo spoke to me about the connection you share...

  6. that's wonderful how you still keep your friendship even you are apart.
    i'm jealous, i'm not the kind who can do so

  7. Yes, I still keep my friendship(s). In my twenties I realized that friends were completely precious to me, I made staying in touch a priority. The results of staying in touch have enriched my life.

  8. Very beautifully written--I especially loved your description of your spark with her. I swear I felt the same thing when I first heard my husband's name (we got hired at the same time and my soon-to-be boss told me who my new co-worked would be over the phone and as I wrote his name down, I felt giddy.) And that same thing happened when we first met. Sometimes I wonder if I remember it so vividly in retrospect because the spark blossomed into something so much deeper. But either way, your descrption of it was brilliatn!

  9. that picture reminds me of when i was that age and wore my hair that length -- oh, the hours it would take to dry!

    but i have a friend like that as well. i met her in college and over the years we have lost contact and do not speak as much anymore. however, when i pick up that phone, it was like we just spoke yesterday.... no hesitancy or uncomfortableness, always picking up conversations where we left off. friendships like that are rare.

  10. You described a kindred spirit beautifully.

  11. lifetime friendships are like precious jewels, aren't they??? -

  12. What a wonderful blessing to have that kind of connection and so nice to read your blog again.

  13. What a wonderful blessing to have a friend for so long.

  14. What a nice photo and recollection. Is that really you & your friend?


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