I Heart your blog

Tanya Gwen Minnick has awarded me with:

She writes " I must give a nod to Tammie Lee with her beautiful blog aka "Spirithelpers" Tammie Lee has a gift of photography and writing. Combine the two and you get wonderful stories, poems and beautiful accompanying photography. I love the way Tammie Lee sees the world through her camera lens..it fascinates me to no end- "How does she get such wonderful snapshots of our world?" Tammie Lee is kind, patient, brave and wonderfully gifted. I appreciate her contributions to the world, and the world of blogging."

Myyyyy goodness, so kind that she has shown appreciation for what I share on my blog in this way! I highly recommend that you drop in for a visit at Tanya's blog and have a leisurely look about enjoying her wonderful blog of art, sweet sensitivity and appreciation life!

Now as most of you know, these awards come with suggestions that we pass them on in certain ways. I am not the best at following guidelines, rules, recipes or other folks footsteps. So I will do it a wee bit different.

I have recently found some blogs that have greatly excited and inspired me. I sense you might enjoy a visit as well:

There is Sarah of Little Paper Bird: She is amazing with paper and making books!

Valerie Greeley of Acornmoon: her art makes me want to look and enjoy endlessly!

Rima Staines of The Hermitage: I feel as though I have stepped into a magical realm full of mystery and whimsy when I visit her!

Lisa Hurwitz Art: Lisa's art is full of creative wonder and charm that makes me smile with delight.

Eleanor Jane Cardwell: A Good Idea on Paper. Another amazing blog with paper magic and wonder.

If any of you feel inspired to honor this award by passing it on to others: Enjoy

1. Put the logo on your blog or post

2.Nominate at least 5 blogs (more or less).

3. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

4. Link to this post to the person you originally sent you your award.

Enjoy and wishing you well on Dia de los Muertos.


  1. Wow, another fantastic photo. These look like strange alien beings to me, the one bending over to lovingly hug the other! Very original and otherworldly. You manage to take the most mundane situations and turn them into fascinating artistic tableaus.

    Thanks again for sharing your vision with us and congratulations on more well-deserved appreciation.
    - Son

  2. It is fun that you thought they were hugging. I thought the one was kissing the back of the other ones neck.

    And thank you for your congrats Son.

  3. yah, I heART your blog, too! This is such a ccooooooolll photo -- what the heck is it? Ice on grass? Ice cap mushrooms? Ice aliens invading one drip at a time? :) hee hee...

  4. What the heck is this you ask, ms. kara ~
    Tis ice that has formed layer after layer through out a very cold night
    then the day arrives and warms this ice
    melting it in it's own fashion
    or perhaps
    it is wee alien beings like two of you have suggested
    experiencing reality
    as ice

  5. Hello Tammie, just wanted to say thank you for your award and kind words and for visiting me... pleased to meet you.. and sending best wishes from scotland

  6. Thank you for passing along the I love your blog award. :)
    once again~ beautiful pictures.


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