Lovely in the Grass

I could have flown right by you
the fringes of our spirits touched
I turned
and there you were
a pale golden beauty
blending with autumn grass
you turned
our eyes met
my heart smiled
you wandered on

I don't have the right lens for wildlife off in a field,
thus details are not grand.
It felt like a gift to see this wolf or maybe coyote.
It's camouflage was astounding!


  1. You must be walking on air. How beautiful to see wolf the teacher xxx

  2. Wow! A coyote! I saw two of them a few nights ago in the hills of southern California. They were crossing a street in a neighborhood not too far from my house. I also see them on the desert quite often. They are gorgeous creatures but must be watched with small children and pets, of course.

  3. Your photos are fantastic and your writing too. So happy to have found your blog!

  4. Beautiful, Tammie - it's always a gift when Wolf appears.

    I couldn't see the second image - there is nothing but a blank.

  5. Amazing camouflage, Tammie. And a beautiful experience - it would have been so easy to miss.

  6. I have always wanted to see a wolf. They are mystical animals to me. Lucky you! Don't mind the lens - the moment must have been magic! A

  7. Hi Tammie. Such an a amazing captures. How wonderful to see it up close.

  8. I love the poem here Tammie and the photo is just perfect. Have a nice weekend!

  9. What a gift for you , Tammie, to see a wolf in the wild. I went with the researchers into Yellowstone after they released the first wolves in 1995 - what an awe-inspiring experience. We watched them using tripod scopes. Were you in the Park when you spotted this wolf?

  10. Carolyn,
    How wonderful that you see critters where you live!

    So glad you found me, I look forward to visiting your blog.

    Thank you for telling me a photo disappeared, I hope it is working again.

    I agree, amazing camouflage.

    Thanks for not minding the lens...
    in this case it was more about sharing my joy.

    I so agree. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks for taking the poem in.

    That must have been a wonderful for you watch wolves! Yes I was in the park.

  11. A wolf? Really? Oh wow, that has got to be pretty rare, they are such shy creatures, yet so beautiful, elegant and intelligent. I'm sure it heard your words, no wonder your heart smiled. I envy you! :-)

  12. like a chance meaning but probably only one of you might recall with happy candor

  13. Hello Tammie,

    Beautiful animal and excellent shots.
    Your poem just says it all-:)

    Best regards

  14. What a thrill to see such a wild creature, thank you for sharing him with us!

  15. A nice take on taming the wild with words, very nice.

  16. Oh My. What a sight you had. The strength, the power of this magnificant creature. To be able to capture the wild beauty with the click of a shutter and the stroke of a pen. I feel the momentary symbiosis you had with this master of nature. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  17. wow...wasn't tat scary?...

  18. Looks like the "ol' trickster" to me Tammie.......a fine healthy specimen. I'd be wondering what sort of choice I'm facin'......

  19. spottedwolf~
    you mean a coyote? I wonder if you are right. It does look a lot like the coyote I saw the week before. This critter looked so much larger and it was so much farther away. Plus it looked more like a husky across forehead. But when I compare pics, they sure have similarities. Now you have me wondering!

  20. I wasn't going to say anything, but it looks like a coyote to me too. A big and healthy one. Perhaps you saw wolf because it may have some remnant wolf blood from earlier generations. But we each live in our own world and we each see something different. Maybe the coyote would be insulted for us to label it as anything other than what we feel from it. By defining it, we put it in a box and we stifle it from evolving into something new and magnificent.

  21. Tammie: Beautifully captured, very cool.

  22. You never fly right by when you realize you are energy that flow through everything everywhere. You choose to be conscious and fully present throughout this journey into nothingness, or not. Feel the soul-level connection. Move beyond labels and physical appearances. More awaits during a journey to spiritual and vibrational re-discovery.

  23. The coyotes are truly a treasure.

  24. You did well. And I love the poem that comes with these images. The experience was a gift, indeed.

  25. twosome, awesome

  26. Beautiful coyote, when we lived near the coast we saw them often. I loved to listen to them 'talk' and 'sing' to each other at night. I even had the opportunity to meet one on a sunny afternoon, we stopped and looked at each other from six feet away then he continued on his way.

    We rarely see them here but on occasion we hear the voices.

  27. It is not often I feel the gentle touch of a wild spirit ... but when I do, I know it is a remarkable gift I am about to be given.

    I wonder if we are remembered by the creatures whose lives we intersect?

    Beautiful photos, Tammie. Beautiful moment and feeling as well.

  28. Another beautiful heart poem, of which you are the high priestess.

  29. I don't know whether it's a coyote or a wolf - or what the difference is for that matter . . . I get excited if I see a fox, let alone something as big and as beautiful as this. (Well foxes can be beautiful too.)

    It must have been wonderful to glimpse such a creature and to be able to photograph it - extra special!


  30. Love these images, really beautiful so were the words.

  31. The browns in this photo are so grand.

  32. Beautiful! I love seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. I love this.

  33. What a beautiful, healthy friend to see! I love to see wildlife enjoying nature, it seems there is less wildlife to see in many areas, so it is always a wonderful blessing when we come across our beautiful wild friends. Even though you don't have the 'right' lens for it, your photos are great!

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  35. Hi Tammie,
    Oh no...I nearly missed this beautiful Foxy or Coyote or Wolf?
    Anyway I love foxes so much...Your beautiful words and images reminded me of a close up experience I had once, with a fox in a wood.
    We looked at each other for a long time as he was standing in the Autumn sun. I was totally amazed by him. He was stunning!
    Thank you for this lovely post.
    Love Jo.x

  36. Your poetry is really great.. we see Coyote even here in San Francisco.. they live in my neiborhood and Golden Gate Park.. I wonder how many times you saw Coyote, it is said amoung the Tribes, that if you see a creature cross your path three times it might be a Spirit Guide.. beautiful yes? Keep writing and taking the photos that bring both wonder and peace........Naukishtae


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