A Camping Trip


the beauty of an autumn day

shadows and light

trails are getting colorful!

little cutie pie

a young bighorn sheep, horns still small


mamma and youngster

they were a nice surprise at the top of the trail 

I looked up to see 6 of them

well hello there

Running Eagle Falls is always meaningful to visit

there is a feeling of the sacred in the area

and is just that to the native people of the area.

earlier in the year there is also water pouring over the top of this fall. 

This time of year one can see the cave quite clearly.



These are glimpses of Two Medicine, 

an area of Glacier National Park.




  1. Thank you, Tammie Lee -- these pictures are cool refreshment on a hot, dry day. So nice to see the bighorn sheep!

    1. Amazing how weather can be so different all over the country.
      Thank you for enjoying Anno!

  2. A beautiful landscape. The sheep are welcome to see.

  3. Incredible Tammie. The colors are fantastic.

    1. Did you know your link no longer takes one to your blog? I don't know how to visit you.

  4. Stunning shots of your first signs of autumn. I especially love the beautiful scene in the first shot, the autumn colours in the second and the lovely falls in the last capture! Such a beautiful time of the year!

    1. Thank you for enjoying Sandra. It was fun to consider your favorites.

  5. Those mountain goats are wonderful. And what a dramatic sky. Early autumn. I am not ready but I will never deny it is the most beautiful of seasons.

  6. Amazing pictures. You live in such a beautiful part of the world.

  7. Waterfalls are so beautiful.
    What a brilliant area Tammie.

  8. Beautiful camping trip!! The little one really is a cutie pie! So wonderful for you to see so many of them together.


  9. Those little bighorn sheep are adorable. We also have waterfalls close to where I live, and they are beautiful. I
    visited them this Summer. The beauty of your photos enchant me every time, Tammie Lee.



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