Change of Season

Simple things like raindrops on a feather imbue the morning with magic

I have a wild apple tree
and someone climbed in it and broke branches and ate all the apples!
Bear? Deer? Fox? 
(update: it was a grizzly bear that got the apples, every single apple on the tree, gone)

we have gotten 3 rainstorms lately
mushrooms are fruiting through the crust of the earth
the season changed 4 weeks early, from hot summer to cool autumn
warm in the sun 
cool in the shade

some are drying out and becoming wonderfully artful:

the baby fawn is growing up!

still sticks close to mamma




  1. Your world is almost unbearably beautiful with those wonderful deer, beautiful fungi and hidden treasures. It's a joyous escape to visit.

  2. How beautiful it is there with you.
    The fawn that grows and the love of mother deer.

    Here too you can feel a bit of autumn, but it will be summer warm again next week.

    All the best and regards,

    1. it is fun to have weather changing, cooler, warmer, sun and rain. Wishing you lovely weather.

  3. What magical shots of the water drops beading on the feathers and the little fawn who is growing up now, but still close to its mother. I love autumn time when the heat has gone off the days and the lighting is so beautiful.

    1. I love autumn also.
      Thank you for enjoying.

  4. ohh so cute little fawn with its mama :)wonderful photoes !I wonder too who has taken your apples??
    Wish you a happy weekend!

    1. Turns out it was a Grizzly bear that broke the the and ate the apples.

  5. I love the Fawn, and gorgeous feather, in rain.

  6. Wonderful world you live in. Glad you shared it with us. I wonder too who stole your apples ?

    1. Turns out it was a grizzly bear that got the apples.

  7. Is it that your world is more magic than most others or is it that your eye sees the magic wherever you are?

  8. Beautiful pictures and observations. I sometimes get quite fed up with wildlife eating and destroying things that I have nurtured, but I have to remind myself that they have just as much right as I do! Shame the bear can't just share a few of the apples with you!

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  10. Magical world as always! The feather looks most beautiful with raindrops in the light. It’s scary to imagine grizzly bear entered to take all the apples but deer family always makes me smile.


  11. Beautiful finds, Tammie! Rain certainly brings magical moments. I love the raindrops on the feather and artwork of dried mushroom. The baby fawn is always a delight to see. However did you find out it was a grizzly bear that got the apples? He/she must have loved all the apples. I am late visiting you, but so glad I did!


  12. That baby fawn is sooooo cute. It's such a wonderful sight to see the deer up here. They often appear when I'm driving down the
    mail road, and I see them in the woods close to the street. One day, I saw one hit on the side of the road. It made me sad and
    thought to myself that cars should slow down! I saw a big BUCK in my neighborhood. What a pleasant surprise that was.

    Oh my, that grizzly bear got to your apple tree! Be careful. You really do live in a beautiful area.



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