Many snow critters & many icicles

Recently, at sunset I came upon these snow critters.
I am amazed to see all the wondrous forms that snow can take.

The chant of the wolves rises and falls
as the light of the moon
shines and disappears again
through the night's clouds

have you heard the wolves sing
their song makes me stop everything
to step out into the night

their muzzle must be held to the sky
in order to reverberate
as it does through the forest

always I wonder what are they doing
what inspires that enchanting call
for it takes spectacular events to make me

like when large slabs of ice
and snow
slide off a roof
crashing into the snow below

crashing to the porch:

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  1. I love all the shots and the ice shot is wonderful.

  2. The ice shot is awesome! I love shots that make you scratch your head and say "How the...?" or "What the...?" or even just "...?"

  3. Wow...beautiful as usual. And those icicles!!! Coooooool...

  4. I had to look at the icicle picture twice just to make sure that I was seeing it correctly. Isn't it amazing what Mother Nature can do?

  5. Nr3 is amazing! And you have a cool chair.

  6. there is so much to photograph around you. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  7. Stunning! The icicles are mesmerizing. The poem enchanting.

  8. It looks like you have a great cabin in a nice location.

    Are the wolves releasing tension, past sorrows making their way to the surface because the anguish was attracted to the light and lightness of the moon, or were the wolves howling in celebration of the beauty that surrounded them in that particular moment?

  9. Wow those icicles are something else, really amazing shapes and forms.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, much appreciated, glad you liked the shot.

  10. The icicles look like dragons teeth to me. Yikes!
    Fantastic. Like your critters, too. Here in Norway there are many snow troll in the wintertime; they gobble up unwary cross-country skiers as afternoon snacks . . .
    From Norwewgian artist Theodor Kittelsen:


  11. Love the photo of the ice "talons." Wonderful.

    Like this, too:

    always I wonder what are they doing /
    what inspires that enchanting call /
    for it takes spectacular events to make me /

    Be well.

  12. Wow! Those icicles are impressive...and dangerous!

  13. Greetings friends!
    So nice to come home from a day in town to all these wonderful comments.
    So glad you all enjoyed those wicked ice cycles. They were wild and I have only seen them once and when they crashed to the earth you can bet I did a dance and howled!

    Mr. Natural Moments,
    I still am not sure what those wolves are saying when they howl like that, but I do know i love it, like something is right in the world. But if you want to hear the latest news from Bush and his clan:

    Brian, they were indeed dangerous teeth, I had to be careful where I walked till they came crashing down!
    I looked at the link you included, wonderful piece of art! We call them snow ghosts here! Thanks.

    Thanks for taking in my words.

    warm smile to you all.

  14. I love this icicle picture ! it looks like a plant !

  15. I like the ice icicles at the porch. Looks like the wind was blowing as they were forming. Made for unusual but pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope you will check out my other blog too.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

  16. I'm just discovering your blog and your work.. absolutely breathtaking!

  17. Extraordinary crystalline plumage.

  18. AWhat gorgeous photos.. I love them

  19. I love it when the ice does this. It did it a few times when we lived in Winthrop. The energy it releases when it falls is amazing!
    Thank you for the beautiful card! We got it today, what a lovely little package to recieve. You do a nice job with your cards!

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  21. This is amazing stuff. I'm visiting from Caroline's The Zen in You. And now, to keep browsing.

  22. Wow, those icicles are quite amazing! I've only seen something similar once in Newfoundland (where it's always windy). Great photo essay.

  23. Those icicles are the coolest wintery thing I have ever seen. Horizontal icicles = AMAZING.


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