Season of Flowers

some views
change one's breathing

meadows of flowers
can right one's spirit

 at my elevation 
most flowers have gone to seed
but the mountains
still offer flowers galore

colors divine

mixed with mountains and sky
one's heartbeat comes true

Wandering paths and mountain roads are such a nice way to enjoy summer wildflowers!

I am sharing this with Whims & Fancies
last Thursday of each months:
Wandering Camera

Season of Flowers!


  1. Your photos are stunning and poetically described. It really is refreshing to see your beautiful mountain views :)

  2. A mountain meadow filled with wildflowers in the summer is one of life’s greatest treats. For those who have never seen it (and smelled it) you are missing an experience that moulds itself into your sensibilities forever.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, love them as well as the words. Beautiful mountains and wildflowers, what a treat for the eyes. Is this in Montana? I really hope to visit it one day.


    1. Yes, this is Montana, Glacier National Park. Thank you for enjoying them.

  4. Such a beautiful walk through nature with you, Tammie! The wild flowers are glorious!

  5. Such glorious views to make one's steps lighter and make one's heart beat a little faster. Beautiful words, beautiful photos. What an amazing landscape you call home.

  6. Beautiful views and photos.

  7. Just beautiful. The colors of all the flowers is always so amazing.

  8. Tammie - thanks for your recent visit to my blog; I am so pleased to 'meet' someone else from Montana! Yes, we adore Montana - and I think I recognize some of the views in your stunning photos. Your writing adds a serenity that is good for the heart and soul. Enjoy your weekend ahead!

  9. Gorgeous photos from a lovely countryside.
    I love all the wildflowers and what a stunning
    flower the fairy lady slipper (from another post) is.
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty!

  10. It is simply beautiful. And so free. And yes, I can see how it changes one's breathing, both in a physical sense and a mental one, too!

  11. Those photos give off such a calming effect with their beauty. Thank you for sharing them!

  12. Oh my goodness - views to lift the heart!

  13. AnonymousJuly 29, 2018

    Stunning pictures

  14. Tammie, the flower meadows are so so lovely and the scenery spectacular.
    You live in such a magical place and your photos are beautiful.
    Thank you, have a great week!

  15. Beautiful views! Thank you for sharing them. It's been many years since I've hiked in mountain wildernesses to see such meadows first hand. Wonderful photos!

  16. Meadows of wildflowers with peaks in the background. Those are my kind of vistas.

  17. I’ve loved catching with your Summer, breath taking, how I love your home land and all you share.

  18. Just catching up on your wonderful posts and photography, Tammie Lee.



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