Blessed Equinox to You!

as the sun nearly kissed the evening horizon
i saw it perched
listening into the shoulder high grass meadow
waiting on dinner

(30 seconds) 

the seasons changed quite fast
one day 
after months of hot days
the air was more refined, the heat gone, night's even colder
the colors have begun

we are off to a colorful beginning to a new season!

 Kokanee salmon spawn up the creeks now
so many fish this year: 


(13 seconds)

sometimes it rains
cottonwood seed wool captures the drops beautifully:

such an amazing season
these skies
these colors

Lovely Equinox to you
be it Autumn or Spring
Blessed Mabon
Though today is officially autumn
it has been feeling like and looking like autumn  
for weeks now.


  1. That owl is quite a sight to see.

  2. Tammie, as usual your photos are stunning. I think I never get tired of them. But the Great Gray Owl is my favorite of todays selection - what a sight! I enjoyed the video as well.

  3. Very special to see those videos, Tammie. I love the droplets on the Cottonwood fluff!

  4. Amazing photos as always. Equinox blessings to you!

  5. Wow - that owl! Amazing.

  6. Beautiful captures of my favorite season. The great gray owl is amazing.

  7. So much beauty as the seasons change. I love the grey owl and your little videos. I am so happy when the early autumn comes as I found this hot and humid summer difficult to bear!

  8. What a sight that must have been for you! It is a dream of mine to see the OWL. They are such a grand and lovely bird. It looks like Autumn is arriving in your area. That is a cool picture of the cottonwood seed wool.

    Happy Autumn. I am able to comment now, yaaay.


  9. Beautiful photos Tammie! I love the photo and video of the owl!

  10. These are beautiful -- I love seeing where you are. Nature does good work, doesn't it?

    I hope you are feeling well and able to fully enjoy what looks to be a beautiful fall.

  11. Although I often feel a little melancholy at this time of year, I have to admit that the colours are beautiful. I do love nice dry autumn days and a crisp winter morning. I think it is the damp weather I don't enjoy. You have captured the colours of autumn beautifully.

  12. So beautiful! Must have been amazing to spot the owl. I love this time of the year. Thanks so much for sharing your photos.


  13. Were you as close to the owl as it looks? It is beautiful! Montana seems to be way ahead of us as far as seasons go this year. I am hardly seeing color here in southern Maine.

  14. quel bel oiseau!!!! bises


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