American Mink

(you might enjoy this in 'full screen', click on the square in the bottom right corner to see this video larger)

a mink visit
new sounds in the ponds
the muskrats were running and leaping off the island
onto the water
like a belly flop splash
a quiet slinky mink
swimming as well!

I have only seen a mink 3 times now
they are nocturnal
but there it was, hunting in the day

the pipe (in the video) 
is how the water flows from one pond to the next
it is also how the muskrats and mink travel from one pond to the next

I hope you enjoyed the little video
it was joy inspiring to be so close
as long as I stood still the mink seemed to think me a tree

a few days later
at a friends home
we saw a mink fishing in the lake

two minks in one week!


  1. Well, we're here again, how long without seeing your reports !
    Have a good one, Tammie !


    1. Hello Tomás,
      Yes, this summer has involved other things besides lots of blogging.

  2. Great stuff! We see minks fairly often so they obviously are not averse to frolicking during the day.

    1. How wonderful that yiu get to see them. I have not seen it since that day, and i have not seen the muskrats that were in the ponds either. I wish I knew what happened to them.

  3. Thanks for the video! Cute little critter. I've never seen one.

  4. Aren't they beauties! Fierce fighters , and such wonderful parents they are, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos

  5. So, the mink is native to the USA? Here it is a pest, having escaped from fur farms years ago. Now it persecutes native species! You did well to film it. I saw an otter here last week for the first time.

  6. So cute!!! Great capture! :)

  7. I enjoyed your video of this pert little mink, inquisitively looking around him! You see so many wonders of nature in your beautiful world!

  8. That's fantastic! How fun to see them like that.

  9. I did enjoy the video. Is the the pond in front of your cabin? You live in such an interesting place!

    1. Thank you for enjoying the film.
      If you look at the little photo of my cabin to the right of my blog you can see a creek going under a bridge. The other side of the bridge is the big pond and then it goes underground to a smaller pond. So yes, in front of my cabin.

  10. I'm sure they can be mean little critters but they sure are cute! thanks for the video, too!

  11. That was a great experience! What a beautiful animal and great pictures!

  12. A cute expression in nature.


  13. You are very very lucky! What a cool little animal. I had always visualized them as much bigger. Thank you for sharing!

  14. What great sightings, Tammie! Loved the video!

  15. Very interesting, Tammie Lee. I'm not sure how I'd feel seeing all those critters around though. I'm kind of a scardy cat with rodents. ; )


  16. So sweet and so curious! Amazing!! :)



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