Evidence of Spring


Throughout the day, my inner voice whispered.... take a walk, look for morels. They were beckoning.

I wandered the places where in past years I found one here, one there..... nope. Then a wee village of morels appeared before me. Imagine my delight. Just enough to add a kiss to dinner.

Did I hear them calling, absolutely. Did I also know that the earth has finally warmed to a temperature that they like to fruit and that spring is their season, yes to this also.

Does this all feel like magic, indeed it is. The magic of listening with heart and spirit, no different than listening to a friend tell their tale.

Instincts and intuition enrich life in an intimate way.

Listen to and honor your inner whispers. 

Spring flowers are bringing heartfelt joy,

the lovely pasque:

Sweet yellow bells:


Always an awe filled delight to see the Great gray owl:

We love our trilliums, I love how there is a light area where the stem of the flower rises from the leaves, it catches my eye:

Spring is more obvious daily

inspiring hope, delight and awe.

I hope this finds you enjoying the details of new life as I am. 

Lovely spring to you!





  1. Beautiful photoes❤Got that spring feeling❤

    1. Thank you.
      So nice to be in this season.

  2. "Listen to and honour your inner whispers." Always! So much easier to do in the peace of nature. Lovely signs of spring. I especially love the sweet yellow bells and of course the furry Pasque flowers! So much gentle beauty to enjoy, Tammie!

    1. Yes, Always!
      The moment I woke up to honor those whispers was with a house plant that needed water. Instead of walking by and not giving it a drink, I stopped what I was doing and got it water. From that point on.... I try not to ignore little or big messages and it has really made life fun, interesting and certainly magical.

  3. Beautiful photos of the sweet flowers, Tammie.
    I am sure you were thrilled to have seen the lovely signs of spring.
    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you for enjoying Tomoko.
      You are so right. I love having spring here.

  4. Hello, Tammie. Nice to see you again on this blog. I’ve heard of morels but this is the first time to see. I think I know how you were thrilled to find them. I’d be surprised myself fo find dwarf’s hats. They are called “amigasa take” in Japanese, “amigasa “meaning a hat made of braided straw and “take” mushrooms. I wonder how the scent of them is like. Lovely spring to you, too!

    1. Hello,
      The mushroom you mention might be the same one. I tried looking it up, but was shown a few different types.
      They smell mushroom earthy, I know, not helpful at all.

  5. My husband and I often tried to stalk our friend who could always find the morel mushrooms. He always managed to duck us and then turned up with a lot of the hidden treasures.

    1. Oh, tricky friend, never once took you with him. Hum.

  6. Those are so interesting. Have never seen them before. Your flower photos are beautiful, and Spring surely has arrived in your area, Tammie Lee. I've always wanted to see an Owl, but I did see an Eagle in the wild when I visited the creek the other day. It was an awesome sight. Spring has arrived in the mountains, and it's so nice to see the seasons since I moved here. Thank you for the gentle reminder to listen to the inner whispers. If we stop to do this, they may teach us things.


  7. Such beautiful signs of spring! And I agree with William Kendall: that owl is truly majestic! Glad to see you out and about these days...

  8. Spring is a beautiful time.
    You have beautiful pictures of it.

    Enjoy it!
    I do that too.

    Greetings from the Netherland.

  9. It is SO nice to see your post, Tammie. And my! What a grand Morel haul. I've never eaten one but I've heard they are delicious. Beautiful spring in your world.

  10. I have not ever eaten morels before so I can't say if I like them but they looked like mushrooms and I've never like mushrooms.

    The lovely pasque is indeed lovely. I don't think I've seen such flowers before.

    I hope you have a lovely May.

  11. I certainly am enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring.
    Looking at your blog is like taking a walk in the woods. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  12. What a beautiful post! The image of the owl is simply awesome.

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