Jewels of Rain and More

 the joys of spring are amongst us
a few precious Fairy Slippers thrive upon the forest floor

raindrops capture setting sun light

forest mushroom choose a tree stump for their home

dandelions cloak the earth

precious orchids give me delight

entering a meadow
one never knows whom they will find
sandhill crane and young buck


  1. Tammie, once again you gladden my heart with the wonders you see around you. With an open heart, you hear the wondrous song of nature and capture fleeting moments for our delight.
    A joy to see the cross species friends in the meadow.

  2. Healing touches to my heart!
    Thanks, T

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je crois que tu avez été repérée par cette charmante biche !...

    Tes photos sont merveilleuses... Dame Pluie semble parfois généreuse en offrant de bien jolis diamants à la nature.

    Gros bisous ♡

  4. ohhhhh, that crane... woo!

    thinking about you tammie - the bitterroots are blooming!


  5. Dear Tammie,

    spring has finally arrived in your life again this year, it is obviously to see in your ever so pretty photographs. I just now saw that I missed your last post, the one with the bear - give my apologies to him, next time you meet him tell him I said he is gorgeous!

    Enjoy your days of green and color and sun and blue sky - oh yes, rain as well! :-)

  6. Yes! Jewels of rain and that first flower is so delicate and beautiful with raindrops full of reflections. I do love fields of dandelions too and so lovely to meet the animals who inhabit your space. I can feel your enjoyment!

  7. You really should make a book...

  8. It is a pleasure to discover that you've put a new blog, is a pleasure to see him and we enjoy the nature. The dandelions, and whole the blog are gorgeous. Thanks you, Tammie.


  9. hello and thank you all for dropping by. it gives me great pleasure that you enjoy the things that i also enjoy.

    and Tomás, i have learned how to put the dash over your 'á', a new thing for me. yea.

  10. How enchanting , the crane with the deer ~ so lovely.
    Your macro shot with the drops of water beading are simply gorgeous . Such beauty here with you ~ and of course in nature.

  11. The dandelion meadow with the mountain scenery is a sight that can be seen in Bulgaria, too!:)Lovely colours and freshness in the air... I love the exquisite Fairy Slippers most!

  12. Hello Tammy!
    Wonderful pictures of your surroundings!
    I just love the orchid!
    I wouldn't mind seeing more of it some time! ;-)
    Cheers, keep well!

  13. So lovely, Tammie - especially your precious jewel raindrops and the young buck in the last photo. Almost midnight here so I will be going off to bed soon, and wish you a lovely evening. X

  14. Oh, Tammie. I am completely enthralled. What beauty you share -- and how divine these photos!

  15. Jewels indeed - I love spring.

  16. AnonymousMay 20, 2014

    Your photos are wonderful, as they always are! I share your love for the Calypso's!

  17. Tammie,

    Lovely pictures of the hauntingly beautiful country where you are living.

    I hear your words
    your message
    I see your images
    a clear mirror
    on a beautiful world
    lost tracks


  18. I'm singing in the rain..! yes, I feel like singing when I look at your photos, how wonderful they are! :)
    And a beautiful deer, I haven't seen such long tail on deer before..
    Here it's warm and sunny today. :)
    Bright smiles on your way! :)

  19. I very much love all those dandelions! :) And the water droplets are great!

  20. Oohh, you live in such a magical place sweet sister of mine. I love your photos, you are so talented, your eye knows how to capture the beauty around you. you are blessed!

  21. Hugs Tammie..your nature art always make my soul dance! Wow..I wonder what crane and buck are up to and talking about..how magical a animal-spirit totem combo!!What a gift!
    Love dandelions..I always feel sad inside when people pull them out! They are truly magical and healing and flowers very sacred!
    Sorry for the babble...
    wishing you a magical day.as you have made mine quite so!!

  22. Tammie!
    Glorious photos! Can't pick a fav. however the crane and deer together..awesome! Too bad humans can't be tolerant of one another and walk together on this earth.

  23. we have torrential rain today. How come it doesn't look as beautiful as your rain???

  24. Hi Tammie, i will be the next host at the Darawing Challenge, would you like to play?

  25. Prairie promise and macro delights. I do love that crane and buck, it's a beautiful scene. You always excel Tammie.

  26. Looking at your post again Ta,,i.e., it occurs to me that my mother used to make dandelion flower champagne and her half-sister made the most incredible liqueur from the flowers that I have ever tasted, like clear viscous gold.

  27. I am so sorry Tammie. I could not wheedle it out of her when she was alive and now I have no idea what has happened to it. Aunt Milda only had one daughter who lives in Sweden and, as she is a physiotherapist, she certainly is not the pre wing type. I have no Idea what happened to her recipe book. Mida was also the best game and fish cook imaginable and anything that came from field or forest. To have tasted her rain deer brazed back-strap is to dream forever.


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