Ooh la la, COFFEE!
For years I have been seriously addicted to my morning coffee. The first sip being the best, inspiring sounds of satisfaction and delight. Somehow my fancy for this dark delicious, bitter drink has slipped away from me this year. These days I fancy dark hot cocoa made with home made almond milk, I match the amount of cocoa with honey stir in a bit of hot water and top it with frothy hot almond milk.
a cup of organic Earl Grey Tea!

The drink in this photo was a mighty delicious soy

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  1. You really know how to describe those hot drinks. Yum!

  2. That sounds really delicious! I love chocolate as much as I love coffee or good tea. Don't try to give me instant coffee though! If I'm too lazy to make either coffee or tea but feel the need of caffeine in order to stay awake, I grab a chocolate covered expresso bean!

  3. Homemade double (triple?) latte with freshly ground - one minute earlier - Monsoon Malabar espresso-roasted coffee beans, topped off with large quantities of frothed milk and a dash of brown sugar sprinkled across the cloud-like top. This will turn a bad day good and a good day better.


  4. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I've just given up sugar in this past month, so I'm discovering the joy of unprocessed nibs and dark, unsweetened cocoa! I love it with almond milk, too...also hemp milk is yummy. And I've just started adding a couple drops of stevia and vanilla. WOWSERS! We must meet up in person one day over a cuppa or two! :)

    PS: I don't think we have any of your art over at our "A Peace Of..." project. Don't know if you'd be interested or not, but wow, I think you have so many images that would be a perfect fit... here's the link if you want to check it out:


  5. latte art! your coffee substitute sounds wonderful!

  6. Lovely images and the photo is outstanding. Did you do the art in the cup? Love the cup, too!

  7. Coffee . . . cocoa . . . Earl Grey . . .

    Mmmmmmm to all!

  8. Wow...I would like one of those right now. I love coffee!!!

  9. That is one gorgeous brew of colors in that photograph, Tammie Lee.

    I cannot shake my coffee addiction. Not that I've tried mind you. A few days ago I ran out of caffeinated beans, so I resorted to what I did have--decaffeinated Starbucks Verona. They know how to make a convincing decaffe flavor-wise. But when I found myself, a few hours later, ready to cry in the produce aisle, I realized I needed my stimulant. Over to the coffee aisle I rushed for my bag of Cameron's Fench roast beans.

    If I started drinking that delicious chocolate concoction you've described, I'd be addicted to it IN ADDITION TO my French roast. Alas, I better not start.

  10. I am sure enjoying all these coffee comments! We all seem to enjoy a morning delicacy that is stimulating! Yum.

  11. I keep trying to shift my addiction to something more healthy, like green tea, which I love, but coffee always draws me back.

    That is one beautiful looking cup you got going there. Yummmm!

  12. For those looking for a healthier alternative, I really am enjoying my almond milk hot cocoa. Another one that satisfies me is matcha, powdered green tea. I mix the powder with honey and then either have it with boiling water or hot frothy milk. The milk use to be soy, but these days I prefer homemade almond. Yum.

  13. That soy mocha looks too pretty to drink. I'm going to have to try your hot cocoa recipe. Sounds yummy.

  14. sounds yummmmmyyyy and looks delicious:)))

  15. I like a good coffee latte - but my daily addiction is TEA. And I'm very particular. It has to be Twinings Organic - and brewed to perfection with milk, no sugar. Ahhhh! I'm just off to make a cup ;0)

  16. I wish I could drink coffee. I love it but it sends me off the planet.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and telling me how you do the writings too ( I don't know what to call them).

  17. Yummmmy....That looks so good. Never heard of almond milk. Interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your gracious compliment. I very much appreciate that.

  18. Yummy!!!! That photo is scrumptious! This is going to sound a little sad...but I often wake up thinking about taking that first perfect morning sip...

    Also...I'm so happy the painting arrived safely, and that you love it...Thanks again!

  19. Celeste,
    I don't find waking to the thought of the first sip sad at all!

    Yes, I love your painting! It is wonderful and is a delightful presence in my daily life. Thank you!

  20. I am on an almond milk penchant myself right now.

  21. Hello Tumblewords,

    Always nice to hear from you!
    I ordered that drink in a cafe in Brittish Columbia, I don't know who the artist of the cup is. I just sat admiring my drink and had to snap a picture.

  22. It is interesting how our tastes change with time, and it only make sense as we experience the world in different ways. Your hot cocoa drink sounds wonderful. But that mocha does look mighty tasty also!

  23. This looks so good. You've got me wondering how you would make your own almond milk. I suppose you would have to press the nuts?

    I still love coffee though. I especially love cocoa in the winter months in front of a dancing fire.

  24. Almond Milk:

    1 cup of almonds- soak over night
    toss in blender with a cup or so of water
    blend till thick
    continue to add water till blender is near full
    strain (or some folks don't) I use a fine nylon painters straining sack (these are in expensive)
    make cocoa, cinnamon and honey into a paste with some hot water
    add warmed steaming milk, stir
    ummmmm yum
    Vanilla is nice too


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