The Unwary Pine Grosbeak

against our gray day
earth cloaked in old snow
starting to tarnish with age
a new joyous song filling the air
i spied RED
unexpected in our usual and sparse wintry mix
of birds

the pine grosbeak

it ate sunflowers seeds that fell to the ground
but not from the feeder

the lovely female nearly disappears
into the colors of the mossy limbs of the tree

a poor photo above
but i wanted you to see the male and female
side by side

a small yellow spot at the corner of it's eye
also their song is lovely
to me i hear: pretty bird over and over
but not on the recordings on websites
they have stayed around for a month and a half
a bit of color means so much in deep winter grays

they inspired a painting:

the bird feeder hat

i share my art at my other blog:



  1. Beautiful shots of the Pine Grosbeak. It is a pretty bird.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je comprends que tu sois inspirée à peindre cette très belle oeuvre avec de si jolis oiseaux.
    Brrr...!! tu as encore beaucoup de neige chez toi... je t'envoie un peu de mon soleil pour réchauffer ta journée.
    Je t'embrasse,

    Gros bisous ☼

    1. thank you Eileen and Martine Alison
      yep still cold here and dirty snow, but days are warm and it seems the spring thaw has begun

  3. What beautiful birds in your still snowy landscape. How lovely that you got a shot of the couple together too! I can understand that this bird inspired you to do a drawing. I love the idea of the bird-feeder hat! May you hear 'pretty bird' songs throughout your weekend!

    1. I am thinking a hat feeder would work, might be nice to have a mirror to watch from!

  4. I wish I'd get them at my house. I don't put a feeder out because it draws the coyotes in winter and the bears after hibernation. I do throw bread crumbs and the jays come plus this morning some chickadees - all gray! Love that red on the male and your drawing.

    1. hi Barb,
      Soon i can not have the bird food out because of bears as well. This is the first year I fed the birds. My neighbors moved and they fed the birds, so i took up their kindness. I had never seen these birds in my woods, it was a joy to have them this winter.
      Thank you for your message. Lovely weekend to you!

  5. The bird feeder hat, is the first time I see a hat of this class.
    Have a good one,Tammie !


  6. So beautiful shots!
    Hug Crissi

  7. I"m sooo impressed! What a lovely male bird. I know what they are, but cannot say I've seen one
    in reality.. and your stunning art piece, wow!! Gorgeous! What a fun idea with the hat feeder! :)
    Hope you'll getting well soon!

  8. What a lovely bird! Most of our birds here are earthy colours, so its always nice to see your brightly feathered fellows. Great pictures!

  9. Those are such pretty birds.

  10. The male and female are real beauties.

  11. Stunning bird and photo, Tammie. I never see such pretty birds at my feeder and lately not many at all. Poor Lizzie is distressed at the lack of birds and keeps looking! Lovely photos.

  12. We had these near our house for the first time this year. I love them! Great photos and thank you for sharing. Our winter birds are a little drab in color so I was thrilled when I saw the male foraging on the forest floor near here!

    I didn't know that you paint too! Lovely!

  13. Beautiful portraits of the Pine Grosbeaks Tammie! I love your painting too. What a great idea for a hat. I once had Pine Grosbeaks visit here in Massachusetts, They were only around for a few days in the winter munching on crabapples. How fun for you to have them around so long. Wonderful colors. I hope all is well with you and I too wish you lots of spring butterflies whenever winter is finished with us all.

  14. What a beautiful bird! I've not seen them down here.

  15. Great post! LOVE these birds and the art that was inspired by them. It all works together! :)
    Happy March to you!

  16. un oiseau paradisiaque et une oeuvre significative.. c'est beau!

  17. Yes, a wonderful enjoyable post indeed! What a treat meeting these lovely birds, adding some bright color to the pale hues of winter. How lovely you used one of them in a painting, it came out so pretty and dear and quite original too!
    Here spring is in full bloom, we had a nature outing yesterday, ending in a family picnic amidst wildflowers and budding trees in the Galilean hills, the scent in the air was sweet and life was good! :-)

  18. What sweet neigbours you've had this winter! Such beautiful birds! Maybe I've heard their song, for I know that they live here, too, but I couldn't recognize it in a spring birds' choir! It must have been a real joy for the eyes to watch these red and yellow little fellows every day...:)
    I like your drawing very much!:)

  19. They're lovely. Wonderful painting too Tammie.

  20. Wonderful Tammie.
    When I read your post title included the words Pine Grosbeak, something clicked in my mind of a sighting a couple of years ago.
    The Pine Grosbeak is an extremely rare visitor to the UK and your post reminded me of sighting on Shetland in 2013.
    This 'Twitcher' and his pals took a flight to photograph it.
    ............and there it is in your backyard.!

  21. Oh, what beautiful birds, and how generous they are to add splash to the landscape while you wait for spring's arrival! :)
    And your painting ... love, love, love it!

  22. Beautiful little birds.......wonderful colours!
    I love the image you've created ....... an interesting idea.....bird feeding while walking in the woods......

    Happy Monday!

  23. Beautiful visitor and great captures with the camera ♥ I love it when a new bird shows up in our neck of the woods. Just brightens the days and your art is wonderful !

  24. What a lovely visitor.

  25. Welch hübsche Vögelchen. Und die Zeichnung dazu gefällt mir auch sehr.

  26. Beautiful birds in red beautiful to watch it .......
    and also you painting beautiful girl and bird inspiration seen in nature
    pity that we do not hear the birds singing from yours forest.
    I wish you many wonderful things in your path,
    dear greetings Christiene.

    Prachtige vogels in het rood mooi om mee te kijken.......
    en ook jou schildering meisje en vogel mooi inspiratie gezien in de natuur
    jammer dat we hier de vogels uit jou bos niet horen zingen.
    Ik wens je nog veel mooie dingen op je pad,
    lieve groetjes Christiene.

  27. I think the fact that red-colored birds are rare make them more attractive and interesting. These colors are amazing especially against the white snow. :)


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