Whispers of Spring

 we were lucky to have a few blue sky days
starry nights
which means cold enough for ice crystals
to appear

winter blues and whites 
in sunlight

it has been warm this week
in the 40'sF

snow is melting
sometimes it rains, instead of snows

yesterday i saw a Steller Jay bathing in the pond
the day before sand fleas - they only appear when it is warm
the day before a mosquito

these beautiful crystals 
don't whisper of spring

usually February 
does not whisper of Spring

but this year
we are finding whispers of spring already


  1. Beautiful crystals !
    We still have a bit cold this winter.
    Have a happy week´s end !


  2. Are you ready for spring? I am finding this year I am content just letting Mother Nature do what she does. However, maybe in couple weeks I will have change my mind!

  3. Those ice crystal photos are just amazing! You are truly talented!

  4. Honestly just so truly beautiful, magical.

  5. Amazingly detailed shots!

    Here we're in a deep freeze at present.

  6. Those ice crystals are simply amazing and you photograph them so beautifully. Close up, they remind me of fern. All gorgeous photos, you have captured the essence of winter!

  7. You get the most beautiful ice crystals there. Never seen them like yours.

  8. Those ice crystals are amazing. It's been warm in the mountains of CO, too. No snow in the forecast, but winter isn't over yet!

  9. Just marvellous, both the beauty of nature and you captures of it.

  10. Your crystal captures are absolutely breathtaking! So much detail!

  11. Gorgeous shots of the crystals! Haven't seen them here for some time, just rain.

  12. What fabulous photos of ice crystals! Crystals are so beautiful that it’s worth visiting this blog only for that. The pale pearly blue sky is my favorite color. Abnormal winter is not only in your place. Our weather has been taken turning extremely cold and spring-like warmth. It feels comfortable in warm winter but not right.


  13. les flocons et les cristaux sont féeriques!

  14. Thanks so much for your comment. We have had a pretty mild winter so far but if the forecast is right things are going to change next week and we can expect some frosts. Love your icy photos. Diane

  15. El invierno siempre nos deja estampas como estas, son preciosas

  16. Taimie Hello!
    How do you feel?
    I missed you, I have changed residence and movement was exhausting! :)
    I wanted to see your work, these exceptional photos, exceptional !!!
    Here in Valencia, it's hot today 70ºF !!!
    No winter ...
    All the best, you receive a big hug.

  17. Your ice crystal photos always take my breath away!

  18. So pretty. I love the way the crystals form and transform those branches.

  19. Wow, this is a stunning collection of photos!
    I can't believe the frost you have in Montana! It is worth the cold for sure.
    We are at 1º here this morning, with wind chill of -18º.
    Next week is supposed to be in the 40's.
    Such up and down weather this year.

  20. I love the frosted branches, image 3.......a mosquito in winter doesn't sound so good!
    Beautiful photos - thank you!

    Enjoy your week,

  21. Such crisp photos of the crystals! The frosted branches in the sunlight must be special gifts. Your photos always surprises me. I am smiling!

  22. Beautiful shots again ♥ We have had spring several times already and then it gets really cold again . A very strange year indeed.

  23. Wow - so gorgeous. Those ice crystals look like little lamps in the first photo.

  24. Fantastic sculptures !

  25. These are magical, Tammie. I always love your icy 'leaves'. The third shot with the silvery branches is so delightful.
    Hope you are keeping warm. I suspect whatever your weather is doing now, winter probably isn't over for you!
    (This year we had daffodils in December!)


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