Lady Slipper Orchids


This morning I glanced at the soft sunshine pouring through the forest
and wondered if it was kissing the lovely Lady slippers. Camera in hand I wandered into the woods. Sure enough sunlight gently graced the forest and landed on the lovely orchids. 

When I headed out, I thought I would be home soon for a cup of tea, but the forest beckoned me, wrapping an aura of rarified energy around me. I wander through trees, meadows and over hills. Green lush everywhere at this time of year. Flowers sprinkled throughout. Bird song as a companion. 

The forest has that ability, to wrap itself around us in a nurturing way, unwinding any tight places, bringing our breath gently home and mind quiet. It offers us peace and inspiration, inspiring awe for our beautiful world. 



  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2023

    What an enchanting flower -- so glad you caught its ephemeral magic! You picked a good day to wander as your instincts led you... (anno - can't comment from my google account; go figure)

    1. Strange things are going on with commenting. I run into it often. Seems I have to sign in at each blog anew. Thank you for enjoying these precious beings.

  2. They DO look look little slippers. Such a precious little flower, and you captured it well.


  3. Looks like a slipper indeed, so beautiful.

  4. SO very beautiful! What a gift.


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