Oyster Mushrooms


Yum yum

it is oyster mushroom season

in our area they grow on dead or dying aspen or cottonwood trees

I have found them in three places this week

get out and wander

 they burst through the bark and grow fairly fast, a few days and ready to harvest

These are growing in my yard on a dead aspen tree
this tree not only hosts mushrooms, 
there is a hairy woodpecker family nesting, 
an entire realm going on in this tree

if i had found them in the woods
I doubt I could have reached
yet here at home
a ladder and then a long rake
did the job





  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2023

    Good eye! Sure hope you enjoyed a delicious dinner from them! (anno, who still can't log into my google account on this blog... )

    1. They were so good. Plus I dried some for later and froze some as well. Tis the season.

  2. Oh, Tammie -- they looks gorgeous, as does that lovely tree. Do I feel there is a mushroom-based dinner in your future?

    1. Oh yes, i have enjoyed a few meals with them. That lovely tree is dead and yet some many critters and fungi are using it as home. A habitat tree.

  3. AnonymousJune 22, 2023

    Congratulations to that delicious mushrooms. And the aspen tree is habitat for many species. We have one as well in the garden (or almost). It's now the home of a green woodpecker. Have taken some pics of which will occur on my blog in a while.
    Greetings Lasse

    1. Hi Lasse, Thank you, they were wonderful. It really is a habitat and so fun and interesting to witness. I have a pair of Hairy woodpeckers nesting in it now. Or they might be Downy woodpeckers, hard to tell their size up high like they are.

  4. I have never eaten Oyster Mushrooms. They look very nice. Do they taste different from field mushrooms? Great that you are leaving dead wood standing like that. As you say, so many creatures live in it. Our Countryside Rangers have a poster that they put up which says, "Please don't burn dead wood, it's full of life!"

    1. I have never eaten field mushrooms. But from my experience all mushrooms taste different and also different textures. These have a mild flavor and are soft in texture. It is wonderful to see all the life in this tree. I often wonder which direction it will fall when it comes down. A huge branch came down maybe 5 years ago across the small pond that it lives on the bank of. I also eft it there even though most of it is under water. I have seen turtles sunbathing on it. Birds find it easy to bath on it. Trees do come down. I love the saying your Rangers share.


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