Spring Equinox 2012

spring arrives slowly in North West Montana
there is a dance
much like a tango
back and forth between winter and spring 

it will be a month
or two before we see a wildflower

yet each day the snow retreats and the rings of earth around the trees grow larger

many of the days are shades of gray
making more evident where the inner spark of light 
of Spring

in honor of the spring equinox
or autumn in other parts of the world
I offer you colored rocks
that remind me of both seasons

as I write the sun shines bright
tall trees dance in the wind
birds sing daily of arriving Spring
and our day nears it's end

lovely equinox to one and all


  1. Hi Tammie!!!! these photos are breathtaking!!! amazing work!!!

  2. Yet by only the calender does spring become.
    Looks a lovely winter white here.

  3. Tammie, the rocks in the lower left of the second shot are like luscious jelly fruits, I just want to eat them all up. Such a wonderful time of transition.
    We have had a very variable summer with a few really hot spells but over all it has almost been cold. Now we have a few halcyon days of around the equinox . . . bliss.

  4. a breath-taking gallery, textures, colors, mood...

  5. We've been having the dance too. Snow...sun...rain..snow..wind.

    Happy Equinox!

  6. What utterly magical shots!

    It's cold here too, but the light is returning with all its beauty.

  7. ...here spring arrives very fast and all become so nice and colored..after three months of grey and sadness...a little island is so dark during winter,your Country is beautiful all year!

  8. And a beautiful equinox to you.
    What a glorious array of colours, hinting at what is to come. The hues in the rocks are so lovely under the clear polish of the water; your words have their usual clarity and beauty.

    We are ahead of you here, the celandines are out and the anemones are budding. We have daffodils and the start of tulips peeping out of their green coats.

  9. Yes, I recognize that Winter-Spring dance too. Beautiful photos! here in Holland Spring is coming in little steps. The Sun is shining today, that will help.
    Warm greetings, Mirthe

  10. TL - I love the idea of the dance between winter and spring - that is so true; and yes there are subtle signs - the rings of earth around the trees as they awaken and warm the very earth they stand in; and thanks for the equinox wishes. Go del. B

  11. These photos are glorious.
    I love these colored river stones.
    And the retreating ice.
    Wonderful views.
    Happy First Day of Spring.

  12. Your stone in the river are so great. Beautiful winter photos you got. The spring will come soon!!!
    Wish you a great week.
    Hug from Hilda

  13. Tammie...Sending you warm and gentle breezes to whisper across your part of our Sacred Earth Mother...

    Breathtaking photos as always Dear One and the lovely thoughts you always post with them.

    Happy, Happy Spring!

  14. a tango indeed. back and forth...

    we had a snowstorm here last night! two days ago, I saw a robin and flowers coming up. go figure eh!

    Lovely photos as usual Tammie and poetic words to go with.


  15. Gorgeous photos!! =) And so many round and colorful stones, I just love stones and these are beautiful! =)

    It's an exciting and lovely time I believe, when nature is in a change.. like becoming closer to Spring.. :)

    Lovely equinox to you! :)

  16. This shallow river with those special stones beneath it is a treasure!
    Its a lovely sight and I can really see why you keep coming back to this place!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. The same to you!

    You got outstanding shots of the back and forth of the seasons.

  18. Thanks for the ice fix Tammie, I've missed it so much this winter.

  19. Those beautiful stones.. they're so alive with colour.

  20. Hi there - what a splendid set of images - the high speed capture of the water is great.

    Stewart M - Australia

  21. Super magical!! Blessings of the season to you..
    Thanks for this totally gorgeous journey...

  22. What beautiful coloured stones and rocks bright and glistening under the water.
    Sending you some violets and primroses from our Swiss Spring!

  23. "My" rocks! I always feel happy to see them, in any season. But when ice is loosening its grip, I think maybe I'm smiling a little more broadly. I'm seeing some tree wells exposed, too - spring is fickle but welcome. Love the light in the last photo, Tammie.

  24. Thank you...the colored stones and rocks are indeed beautiful.
    Love and blessings to you.

  25. stunning :)

  26. Lovely words and pictures. Thank you Tammie Lee... :) Here our spring flowers are beginning to open. Amazing weather pattern this year.

  27. Often when one is engaged in flow, they end up liking what they are experiencing. This liking then fixes the feelings that are being channeled. The feelings then can be said to become frozen in time for closer inspection. When one then loves what they have liked, the fixation then relaxes, and the trapped feelings then begin to melt and flow back into the channel where they flow back to their true source.

  28. Love the first two photo's the colors in the stones! and the pattern of water. So fresh and vivid. Today some of my daffodils opened in the garden, and I noticed some little yellow dandelions flowers at the edge of the road on my walk.

    xxx Lorraine xxx

  29. love these images and your thoughts so true up here in the north country...though i hear new bird songs daily, and see our feathered friends reappearing, this tango of the season brings sweet release, daily uncovering the sleeping gems beneath the snow's blanket. i'm so glad we share this 'neck of the woods'...
    xo abigail

  30. You have beautiful images here.. especially the rocks.. winter is on its way out and spring is on its way in... can't wait.

  31. As someone who doesn't get to experience all the seasons, it's so wonderful to come to your blog and read your beautiful description of the seasonal change. Truly a magical time (shared with your beautiful photography too) :)

  32. These images are beautiful.

  33. I love the first one. Lovely colors. It looks like an abstract painting.

  34. I love your icy images.

  35. Stunning shots! The first two are my favorites.


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