Feathers Flowers & Fur

I sat near this nest for a while
watching the female await his (Osprey) return

landing had to be just right

just a fly by

busy little squirrel
has been digging up last autumns stores of small pine cones 
and eating non-stop

I had the great pleasure of Canada Geese and goslings
visit my ponds! 

lovely and tiny spring beauty
also known as fairy spuds, but it would be a shame to dig them up for the tiny fairy sized spud

Spring is truly coming to life!


  1. With spring you will begin to give us joy, you've already started.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  2. Those ospreys are wonderful. We have a few but they are very rare. Lovely photo's as usual. Such a joyous time of year.

  3. Beautiful captures on the ospreys. That squirrel might be a devious little rascal, but he's a cute one!

  4. I am in awe and bow down to you -- this photography is simply breathtaking!

  5. I always love to drop by and see your amazing photographs! Those first three are breathtaking!

  6. You were at the right place, at the right time.
    Great moments.

  7. Thanks for sharing these very great pleasures!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  8. It's a world of wonder where you are! Such marvelous scenes creatures you captured perfectly. I have to admit my preference for the charming squirrel, as common as they are, I can never get enough of them.

  9. Wonderful wildlife shots and I love that little fat squirrel making up for lost time! Those geese and goslings are so touching and the tiny wild flower so delicate. The Osprey shots are majectic, just like these birds!

  10. AnonymousMay 07, 2015

    Gorgeous shots! Those goose families are just awesome, aren't they!

  11. Magnificent images!
    Have a nice weekend

  12. It was lovely to see who lives there, next to you, in this magical place! Oh, I would love to have such neigbours!!:)

  13. Oh my, the osprey are magnificent!
    The goslings, adorable.
    The blooms touch my heart.
    And what a fabulous shot of that hungry squirrel!

  14. Those are awesome. Those goslings are adorable!

  15. What a gorgeous series of live, laugh, love shots! :-)

  16. Oh my! I miss blogging. These are beautiful!!! What an inspiring awesome environment that surrounds you.

  17. Wow such stunning pics of the osprey! And the squirrel so sweet, such a beautiful close up! Squirrels do move fast, so wow, this photo is so good! I love your pond with the geese and goslings. Yeah, Spring is surely there! And here :))

  18. AnonymousMay 08, 2015

    Wow - those osprey shots are glorious!

  19. Osprey truly are fun to watch! Very nice photos of them and the geese and, of course, the spring beauties.

  20. Your amazing photos brings nature right into our homes. It's so absolutely breath taking beauty that you capture with your camera. Thank you so much for sharing♥♥♥♥

  21. It's really elating to see these birds helped by humans, the least we can do with all the damage we cause....
    It must have been thrilling to watch this pair of Ospreys :)
    Great footage, Tammie!

  22. Perfect landing! Now I understand “Osprey” is the name of bird. Whenever I hear the word “Osprey” in my country, it means American military aircraft of which disposition had been controversial. Thanks for the lovely bloom and cute critters. In the past post, your sakura blossoms are graceful.



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