Farewell Beloved Spring

wandering the woods
tis the last day of spring
her beauty
is abundant
treasures fill my eyes
music as the trees sway
and the birds sing and sing

my first wild strawberries of the year
they are so tiny

tiny orchid with minuscule mama aphid and two youngsters
click on the photo to see them!
two other creatures also~

Queen's Cup

the most petite coral orchid

we lean into summer
farewell beloved Spring


  1. The wild strawberries and coral orchid look like miniature sculptures: how beautiful. While you lean into summer, we are leaning into (nay, being swallowed up by) the inferno. It's good to feel the cool from your photographs themselves.

  2. Such wonderful photos! So clear and colorful! I envy you your spring and summer!

  3. AnonymousJune 20, 2009

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  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Your blog is exquisite!
    You are gifted!

  5. The seasons follow one another like well brought up children. As well they should.
    Lovely photos, Tammie. And yes - farewell beloved Spring.

  6. The flowers bring me serenity. Your photography is captivating.

  7. What a wonderful farewel to spring; a taste of things to come. Then on to the joys of summer… Your photo’s are, yet again, amazing!They tell a story all thir own... Happy Summer!! Love and Light, Nina P.

  8. What a beautiful ode to spring. The pictures are just wonderful. The wild strawberries look delicious. I'm amazed at the aphids you captured.

  9. Such lovely shots. I really like the strawberries. I just want to reach through the screen and take one. :-)

  10. Hi Tammie, You are so good at expressing yourself. I love the way you use words... NEAT...

    We know it's SUMMER here right now since it's so doggone HOT... Yuk!!!

    Have a great Father's Day.

  11. I just love the wee strawberries. I used to pick them when I was young, eat their little bodies when the sun was still humming in their flesh.

  12. So colorful and beautiful !! This is a fantastic shot and i am really amazed the way they are captured..Great..Thanks for commenting on my blog too..

  13. Your woods look delightful. Orchids are a favourite of mine.

    Farewell Spring x

  14. AnonymousJune 21, 2009

    Those strawberries look good. Thanks for the wonderful flower pictures.

  15. What a lovely macro of the wild and hairy strwaberries. You have them already, lucky you.

  16. Don't you love when you get up close & discover tiny creatures that you never would have noticed! It's like a whole secret world that most people never see. LOVE all your photos and, of course, your beautiful words:)

  17. A beautiful way to welcome summer on its solstice. Thanks you.

  18. Such lovely poetry calling us into Summer...
    We have been enjoying little walks picking teeny wild strawberries, one of the gifts nature has left along her way.

  19. Beautiful words, gorgeous photos. I took some wild strawberry photos yesterday too, but not as wonderful as yours.

    I love the other flowers you captured - I have never seen most of them. How rare and exquisite to be given a glimpse into Mother Nature's bouquet.

  20. A lovely farewell to spring. ;-)

  21. The strwberries are wonderful, so tender-looking. And a wonderful eye to see the creatures on the orchid.

  22. Those coral orchids are amazing, and early summer strawberries....yummmm!

    Leaning into summer is exactly what it feels like, buoyed by the heavy warm air, the thick scent of honeysuckle, freshly mown grass, morning coffee. I'm ready, more than ready. Looking forward to following your summer journeys.

  23. Spectacular, Tammie! The orchids are special on their own, but with that aphid family - keen eyes you have! I really enjoyed your Assimilation post, too. Just lovely.

  24. I have a lot of wild strawberries in my back yard,... but have never seen any of those beautiful flowers!

  25. lovely photos of a new breath of the season...and it has rained all night, so these new little creations will be popping up prolifically soon...and you will be out there discovering their treasures!!
    love you my friend~

  26. Mmm! The strawberry picture is my favourite :)

  27. Beautiful series.
    Lovely ambience. :)


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