Yum yum!

busy busy busy
up and down the trees
chewing gnawing sawing
a meal fit for a queen

I just love watching it's little hands
and the bits flying as it spits the non-edible part out



  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    So very cute.

  2. Such a charming creature! Mmmmm, it seems so delicious this "queen meal"!! I like the tiny fingers, too! And the branches, forming a kind of a balcony!:)) Lovely photos, Tammie!

  3. Too cute for words! Great captures! I love watching squirrels eating and darting about ... even when they eat they are so rapid!

  4. What a cutie!

    Great shot, Tammie.

  5. I love watching the antics of Squirrel! :) They are so funny.

    This is a great photo Tammie...seeing the little fingers as they do their work is awesome. Industrious little critters aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing this and the bear photos...I'm happy you didn't get any closer to that bear!

    Have a Spectacular Week!
    Blessings Dear One!

  6. great shots Tammie!

    me too...love watching these little mischievous guys...chasing & playing...digging up my plants...climbing the bird feeder...and dropping acorns on my head! ha!
    really. i DO love them!! :)

  7. So cute. I just have to tell you this story. I was always finding my garbage bags in disarray and tended to blame the neighborhood cats until one day I opened the door and discovered the real culprit. From that day on I always kept unsalted mixed nuts in the house and put a handful on the back porch every day before I left for work, and each night they'd be gone. We really had a great working relationship for awhile.

    That is until the store had no mixed nuts, and I had to buy peanuts instead. You know those little critters refused to touch them? How spoiled could they get.

    I used to love on weekends opening the door and finding them crunching away on their treats.

  8. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    Picking Food From Its Source Holds Hands With Conscious Choice.

  9. Oh goodness! It stayed there allowing itself to be photographed!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Tsup!

  10. Now that looks like a 5 star restaurant!

  11. oh gosh, so adorable! Can't tell you how much it relieves me to see you getting close to squirrels (instead of GRIZZLIES!!!!!). Great shot!

  12. Oh my goodness Tammy, he is absolutely precious, and your photographs are wonderful.
    Sending you wishes for a fantastic evening!

  13. Very darling....
    the squirrels just have their way with me....
    I have been putting out extra food and water for them.

  14. Awwwww.... I love those guys!

  15. ...a very bold creature! ~ beautifully captured!... ...yoU! ~ are sO blessed to have these whimsical spirits ~ living in your woodlands!... ...blessed be for the 'morrow's quarter cross over day!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  16. Hermosas capturas, me encantan!!Hermoso blog! saludos!!!!

  17. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Not only is he cute, he is a neat little guy!

  18. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Such a nice capture of that little one! I just love those little fellows but seldom get to photograph one well. These photos are super!

  19. cute busy bee :)

  20. Oh ... what tenderness!
    I have never seen a squirrel, ever!
    That gorgeous animal ... it's really lovely to see!
    A kiss!

  21. HOW ADORABLE. I love your title too.

  22. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous animals!

  23. ¸.•♫°`♡彡

    Eles são tão fofinhos...

    Bom fim de semana!

  24. I love watching squirrels, too! Those little hands! The other day I looked out the window and there was a chipmunk chirping away like mad on our patio, a very lazy rabbit stretched out on the lawn taking a nap, and an entire flock of gold finches. What a treat watching wildlife is!

    The grizzly in your previous post is gorgeous!

  25. TL - now that is more my size. Amazing series of photos - as you say just so delicate the way it is handling the food - you have such variety on you walks. Go well. B

  26. So lovely, Tammie. And such patience to achieve these captures without startling the squirrel. I think they sense they are with kindred spirit!

  27. Hi Tammie! :) Such a gorgeous sweet squirrel! Your photos are wonderful! :) I've scrolled down and now I'm up to date :)

    So fascinating you met a bear! Very impressing photos! :)

    It seems like you're having a grat summer! I've enjoyed your photos in the woods! :)

  28. *great* :))
    a great summer! ;)

  29. Nice. I can identify with that. I too like my walnuts before they are quite ripe. There must be something special in those green cones.

  30. Years ago, I almost shot one of these on account of not being used to the scope that was on the rifle. For I thought I was looking at one of the required ingredients for squirrel and dumplings. Thankfully, I realized my mistake before it was too late. Be assured that I have never wanted to kill anything that wasn't meant for the supper table.


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