My first post in my first blog ~

I sit near a window with a cup of hot Tulsi tea,
glancing up from time to time,
watching snow flakes the size of small feathers float through the sky.
My neighbor once told me "
this is the romantic style of snow".
It most certainly is dreamy!

A thick blanket of snow,
surrounds my wee log cabin.
I am filled with wonder,

watching a rare breeze stir to life,
Dumping piles of heavy snow
crashing to earth
from tall trees.
Wind parts clouds,
golden sunlight pours through
highlighting the day's glory,
coloring my world with shadows of blue and gray.

Sensing that writing a blog is an intimate sharing that is rich and full of creative possibilities, I feel excited and shy to expose myself in this way.
I welcome you to my blog with open arms and tender heart.

The other day I had the honor of taking this huge bird's portrait as it lifted into flight!


  1. Oh... you're a brand-new blogger. Once I'd put my name in your draw, I was looking forward to a leisurely browse through your archive of older posts! Well, I'm honoured to be the one who happened along to welcome you to Blogland!

  2. Thank you! I feel pretty excited about this venture!

  3. hi,Im Pherenike, nice to meet you. Im pretty new to blogging to, so great to find someone else our there.
    That bird is amazing.

  4. Good to meet you! The photo of the eagle is astounding. I'm happy you're here and sharing your beautiful images.

  5. The picture of the eagle is amazing. What a gift to see. I think that this is a wonderful thing that we can share like this on our blogs.
    Warm regards,

  6. Oh Tammie, such wonderful pics. I miss walking in the woods and finding lady slippers. I had a huge bleeding heart in the UP. You really do seem to be in the right place at the right time. The eagle pic is totally breathtaking. Take care...will be checking back often to see what you're up to.
    A friend of your mom's,

  7. Hi Fawn,
    So nice of you to drop by! I look forward to lady and fairy slippers this spring, which is right around the corner. For now I wait patiently for the perfect weather for ice crystals and snowflakes. As for being in the right place a the right time... I like the wilderness, so I spend time there and always with my camera. Take care,

  8. Nice bald eagle take off shot. It was a great symbol for your springing your spirit forth into the blogging world.

    "Romantic kind of snow" I can just see it.

  9. I never thought of the eagle in relation to my first post, you are so right NM!

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