North Fork, Montana

 the charming cabin i called home for 3 days

 found a nest with eggs made of snow 

north west entrance to Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountains

 afternoon above

 frosty morning and frozen river

 skiing along the steaming river, mighty cold at -10F/-26C
twas even colder during the night

 shadows were long

 and gray blue

this week, one day
the snow fell in the shape of stars
captured on Lucy's fur
(Lucy is a dog)

i love it when snow falls in the shape of stars


  1. The third photograph is to be submitted to a competition, it's simple and beautiful at once, and it is not easy.

    Have a good one, Tammie.


  2. thank you so much for enjoying!

  3. Wonderful shots.
    Deep snow . . . cozy cabin . . . and star-shaped
    snow flakes! (I've never seen star flakes. Amazing.)
    Very jealous of your beautiful setting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. A wonderful interlude near Glacier. If you hadn't told the temp, I would have guessed warmer by the photos. You must be on skiing skis - my tracks are wider now with my new shaped ones. You notice everything - the snow egg is wonderful as is the star flake.

  5. Thrilling pics!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  6. wow, look at that snow... so beautiful!! but also i look at the path leading to the cabin and think "wow, that was a lot of shoveling." : )

    love to you, tammie!

  7. Exquisite! Thanks for the glimpses into your life in the wintery mountains of Montana, capturing the beauty of our amazing Creation!

  8. most UNBELIEVABLE time you must have had. thank you for sharing that...such crisp clean outstanding photos!

  9. What wonderful snowflakes in the shape of stars! I love those long shadows drawing out the shapes of the hills and the adorable nest with snow eggs!
    Your cabin is wonderful against the blue sky and the path to get there is so deep! All wonderful shots of your blue and white environment!

  10. You capture the magic and wonder in this landscape of snow beautifully! Stunning photography Tammie.

  11. Absolutely stunning Tammie, I must try and get back to the Rockies in the winter before I go.
    I've had to share this post with my family and friends on Facebook. Thank you so much.

  12. Gorgeous photos... Looks like an amazing place. I hope you weren't the one that had to shovel out that path though.

    The snowflakes on dog hair picture is so cool. What camera do you have?

  13. Ha Tammie,vakantie.....
    heerlijke winterse plaatjes heb je gemaakt,Prachtig een vogel nestje met sneeuw eieren
    En sneeuw vlokken die vallen als sterren zo mooi!Geniet ze...
    Hier bij ons was het 17 graden in de zon ook dat was genieten.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, holiday .....
    delicious wintry pictures you've made, Beautiful bird nest with eggs snow
    And flakes of snow falling like stars so beautiful! Enjoy them ...
    Here with us it was 17 degrees in the sun too was enjoying.
    A lovingly greet you Christiene.

  14. hello and thank you every one!

    hi Kim,
    I have a Nikon D90 camera. Two lens: macro 105mm and a 18-200 mm, no tripod.... simple. if you have more questions, ask away!

  15. What a beautiful skiing adventure, Tammie. And the snowflakes on Lucy's fur are wonderful.

  16. Fabulous snow,i haven't seen this much snow for years.Beautiful country,exquisite images.....thank you Tammie!

    Happy Monday!

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenes! I love the snow eggs!

  18. Stars falling from heaven and settling on a lucky dog, blue shadows and pristine snow and an unsurpassable view to the snow clad Rockies.
    What wonderful three days to fill the soul with.


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