Kokanee Salmon

in the clear creek
they swam

their colors a sight to behold

the ritual of

in deeper waters; an unedited artful image:

it was such a thrill to get to see them!


  1. Oh Tammie, these are so special.
    Fantastic images, especially pic #1 . . .
    red beauties, suspended over pristine creek pebbles.

  2. Can you catch and eat them? Wow! So clear!

  3. yes Ces, as of this morning they can be caught and eaten. They are smaller than the salmon we see in the store... maybe 16" long. I got there before the fishermen (people) got to them. So Very Beautiful!

  4. yes, a thrill you generously allowed us to share! This fed my spirit, sort of a Spirit Helper. Hey!
    Glad we are friends

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  5. Incredible...what a beautiful sight! So glad I was able to get out and visit tonight. I've been catching up. Italy looks beautiful. Have fun with your family!

  6. Oh wow! did you catch one? That would be great! Be like Bear Grills. Just catch one and eat it! Heheheh! We love salmon. We only eat the wild ones. Used to order them for years from Alsaka by 50 pound shipment Now I can't afford them :(

  7. I would catch them...
    I love fishing !

  8. I would have to learn how to catch one Ces and Lily. I would eat them... I also only eat the wild ones.

  9. Great photos! I've never seen them in person. Quite a sight!

  10. You were lucky Tammie to catch them.
    Great photographs.

  11. Until you see them you forget just how pink they are. Beautiful.

    I bet there were a few other fishermen up stream. These ones with claws and fur.

    Gorgous pictures, as ever, thanks for sharing such a find with us.

  12. Lovely waters shots and colourful salmon - such a pity to eat these beautiful creatures. I love seeing the details and colours in that first shot.

  13. I would like some photos so beautiful but ... of the main street in Whitefish.

    Tomás (from Madrid)

  14. beautiful shots of these colorful fish!! and they stony background makes the images even more spectacular!!

  15. aren't they amazing! I never tire of seeing these beautiful and bountiful fish.

    hope you had a lovely trip to Italy, in every way.

    Hugs, G


  16. Your water shots are all so beautiful. So much color within that clear, clear stream. It makes me long to cup my hands and drink deep.

  17. Wow! what a moment. Great photos of the salmon.
    Wish you a nice week.
    Hug from Hilda

  18. wonderful to see such strength and determination. what a role model for human life.

    please have a good new week ahead.

  19. These are outstanding photos. It feels good to swim with these guys!

  20. TL - this and the previous post are stunning. The clarity and apparent purity of the water are captured so beautifully by you. It seems I am there; but more that5 I want to be there and see what you see. Thanks. B

  21. Hi Tammie, what a wonderful job you've did here. Love the colors and even the salmon (to eat...sorry but it's my very very favorit dish). But looking at the fact that they've made the journey again full fills me with joy too.

    Hugs and be well my friend.

  22. More lovely water and life Tammie.

    I like this from Anand Dixit

    Elements – Water

    Water an elemental
    Water a fundamental
    Building block of life
    Water of Life
    Water of Death

    Water in all religions
    Water in all living things
    Water in all countries
    Water also used for barter

    No life without water
    No rife with water
    No respect for water
    Willful neglect of water

    Water, for cooking
    Water, for cleaning
    Water, for drinking
    Water, for living
    Water, for dying

    Water is the same
    In all languages
    Water is the same
    To all living beings

  23. Now, that is a sight to see. Are they red all year?

  24. Such a delight! lovely water and fish so colorful! :)

    and I enjoyed your lovely photos in your previous post also! with the clear water and the beautiful stones!

    Lovely day to you from me! :)

  25. Wow, that first photo is surreal! They look as if they are floating in air. What a beautiful event to witness. It has intrigued me since childhood the journey that salmon take at the end of their lives. Wow!


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