Beautiful Autumn


It has been a beautiful Autumn.

The colorful part lasted weeks, yay!


We had lots of sunshine to inspire adventures in the mountains and forests. 


Snow has come and gone many times. 

Though the snow is magical and beautiful, 

it is nice when autumn returns, as winter is a long season here in NW Montana. 

The other day I drove out of the aged golden grasses of autumn 

into the snow clad forest of the mountains. 


Autumn's wanders revealed one of last summers

hummingbird nest. 

Seems one of my little birds friends 

was as curious about it as I was.

Wishing you a lovely autumn 

as we lean towards winter. 




  1. Seeing snow and autumn colours together is one of my favourite things. Snow clad forest is gorgeous. I love the last photo so much, two of you observing the nest together. Did he speak to you afterwards?


    1. Gosh, Blogger no longer lets me know I have comments, so just seeing this. I love that last photo too. So much fun. Lovely autumn into winter to you.

  2. What beautiful scenery and great pictures. It seems surprising to me that you have had so much snow. Not something we get much of now in this part of Scotland now. Our trees lost their leaves very quickly this year. So, not much colour, but easier for sweeping up!
    Your last picture is amazing. The size of the humming bird nest and such a tame and curious bird. It looks very much like our Coal Tit.

    1. We do get snow, all that melted away, but today we have near 3" fresh inches of snow. perhaps this is the snow fall that will stay with us till spring, hard to say. Ihave noticed that Coal Tit and black capped chickadees look alike, fools me every time.

  3. Your autumn dazzles. And ahhh. That chickadee. Your snow almost makes me want some. Almost! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It is my pleasure to dazzle you! All that snow melted away, but today we have near 3" of new white fluff.

  4. So much seasonal beauty, I love the autumn sumacs... they put on quite a show here in the east, too - as they do every year. Thank you for sharing the beauty around and within you.

    1. I can see why you thought sumac, these are Mountain ash, AKA rowan in some parts. they grow wild here or are planted.

  5. Beautiful place to admire beauty!
    Autumn of wonderful miracles and colors... Thank you!
    Greetings. 🌞

  6. That last shot is enchanting.

  7. What stunning pictures, MizTLee! That last one with you, the chickadee (tit?) and the hummingbird's nest feels like something that belongs in a fairy tale... or, maybe one of your magical watercolors? Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving -- and best wishes to you for light and warmth and joy as we approach the solstice. (anno)

  8. Beautiful photo of the tall trees and snow. It looks like a magazine photo.....wonderful!


  9. I'm thankful for the impact your blog has had on my personal development.


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