Frozen Lake


Autumn gold



winters frozen breath of ice

twas a beautiful day at the lake

when the sun comes out to show off the beauty of our world

I try to be out under its lovely light

for our winters tend to be cloudy

The lake shore was frozen for quite a ways into the lake

yet there were windows in the ice revealing treasures below

the artful expression of nature

appears to be endless and whimsical at times

some winters

and this lake does not freeze at all

there were people walking on this ice.....

so fun to see ice forming in a myriad of shapes and different transparencies

I hope you have enjoyed the glimpses of Lake McDonald

in winter wonderland




  1. Gorgeous pictures, Tammie (regardless of where they are posted)!

  2. What beautiful pictures. The air looks to clear and the water so pure. It does look like a very special part of the world. In Scotland we have had a relatively mild and wet winter. Sadly, that means grey clouds and with the leaves having fallen from the trees, there isn't much colour around! At least spring is just around the corner!

    1. Our winters are mostly gray as well. When the sun comes out, I make sure to notice. Yes, spring is soon. So for now I will immerse myself in winters offerings, as they will pass before we know it.

  3. Lake McDonald is so beautiful no matter the season. The ice "art" is whimsical and beautiful. I love the rocks, of course....

    1. So true, beautiful Lake McD. It was fun to have glimpses of under the ice.

  4. ohh such beautiful photoes!I love picture 2 what a sight!You indeed live in one of the worlds most beautiful places.Wish you happy days ahead!

    1. Hello Anita, It is fun to hear which photo got your attention.

  5. Wonderful photos!
    Great textures and shapes, fashioned my mother nature.

    1. Thank you for enjoying the treasures I found.

  6. What amazing pictures. You have an exceptional eye for great subjects to photograph.
    I just found your comment on my dashboard marked as SPAM! So, I thought I should copy my response here.
    There is so much to love about butterflies. Their amazing metamorphism, their beautiful forms, their ease of identification (at least hear in Scotland) and the way that we are able to watch them change their range in response to various conditions. I have always been interested in all forms of wildlife, but I think it was their ease of identification that first really got me interested in them. In comparison there are so many birds that are so similar-looking and difficult to identify. It is always such a thrill for me when I see a butterfly flying into the garden!!

  7. Your blog is thought-provoking and engaging. Continue in the same spiri ❤️️


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