Spring has her own plan~

Before living in NW Montana, I lived in Southern California.
Spring in S. Calif. is GREEN and over flowing with glorious flowers.
The skies are blue and the days are warm.
Not here in Montana!
Check out what I woke up to this morning, 6, yep that is right 6 inches of fresh snow!

Most my friends from home would think this is winter, but there are huge differences.
Today was full of the chatter of birds.
In the depth of winter the birds are rare, it is quiet and still.
XC skiing today, creeks were running; this is so spring.
By the middle of today, so much had changed.
The storm blew by,
trees dancing in the wind
gave flight to their snow laden branches.
The sky went from a gray white to blue:

Living here one has an intimate relationship with nature.
There is no choice.
One must have respect and awareness.
I love this!


  1. Wow - so beautiful. How lovely to be in the palm of Nature's hand.

  2. White Spirit falling from the Sky
    It Touches your Heart
    And Brings Love to your Eyes,
    It Blankets your Earth
    And feeds that which is Alive
    No Wonder You Have found your Home
    In this wondrous Big Sky. :)

  3. NM, you have touched my heart with your poem~ Thank you!

  4. We have flowers in bloom and gentle spring rain. It's hard to imagine snow again.
    These are beautiful shots! I especially like the shadows on the side of the cabin.

    Thanks for your visit and comments.

  5. I've always loved the snow, and I adore these photos. I hear it really snowed East of here! Ah, well, we live in the banana belt of the Willamette valley, so no such luck here. It rained and rained, but the trees are all blossoming with flowers.

    Still, I envy you your snow. (Grin)

  6. These photos are wonderful. I love a Northern spring, though yours sounds more Northern than mine. It's a wonderful, subtle time.

  7. I would love to have an intimate relationship with nature, like that! It's better than all these pollutions around here.

  8. Six inches of snow!!! I would have cried; you, clearly, are a better person. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, and the chance to appreciate the beauty of a spring snow.

  9. Positively idyllic. Thank you for continuing to give us such an up-close view of life in this beautiful place.

  10. Very beautiful! I lived in the High Sierras for 2 winters and I thought that it was magical. We moved back to the city to start an automotive business, but if it was up to me, I would have been a Mountain Girl my whole life.
    p.s. Natural Moments...what a very beautiful poem:)

  11. it's a beautiful place! surrounded by nature..

    btw, don't forget to vote earth! :D

  12. Thanks for your comment on my epilepsy awareness post.

    I take it this is your home? What a wonderful place and house. I am always at my happiest when in the middle of nature and this is it. I know what you mean about the differens between spring and winter even if they might on a picture look the same. They certainly don't sound the same.
    Don't you just love the bird song, the light and the sound of running water.

  13. i liked the first image very much. feel like going there!

  14. The snow is beautiful...but it's time for spring!

    We can still get snow here too but this year we have been spared perhaps because we had so much between November and February.

  15. What a perfect home in the woods you have! Exactly my type of place. And,.. Natural Moments, your words are lovely!

  16. Brrrr, spring snow! I grew up in S. California but went to college in upstate NY. What a difference! The first few winters were exciting. Bundling up to go out was an adventure.

    I love how blue that spring sky looks!

  17. The boys and I have been leaving colorful bits of yarn around the farm for the birds to build their nests with. Winter has left us but Spring hasn't quite settled in yet.

  18. Your second picture is absolutely gorgeous. The snow and the blue sky are a lovely contrast.

  19. Carletta, Some folks here are struggling with MORE snow. It is still hard to imagine green and flowers here.

    Beth, Sounds like it is a good thing that it did not snow with your blossoming trees.

    Sandy, Yes spring can be subtle then a day like yesterday comes along, wow!

    Rosidah, Yes to an intimate relationship with nature. I like that I walk hand in hand with her.

    Anno, you have made me laugh, better person, I doubt it, eh! Still it is 4F this morning... that means clear blue skies!

    Hello Muratt, Glad you enjoy the up-close view, me too.

    Hi Sharon, I have been enjoying the mountain life, very much. There are gifts that come with city life too! Your photos show this.

    Fadil, Yes, I vote for earth with all my heart. Plus a candle light hour or walk at 8:30 sounds like a fab idea.

    Tarolino, Yes this is my home. Yes I am loving the bird activity! They are so busy.

    joshidaniel, I think everyone has a dream to come to a little place like this at least for a wee visit.

    EG, I wish you a blossoming spring!

    Cedar, lovely to have you visit. I so agree, NM poem is a gift.

    Hi Bella, so nice that you stopped by!

    Butternut Squash, Those little bits of string might make it easier to spot nests in the trees. During winter I note where the nests are, hoping I remember to look in the spring and summer for a wee family in them!

    Hi George, I was rather taken with the blue of sky when the storm blew over, as well.

  20. The force of Nature... I haven't forgotten I owe you a reply, things aren't easy at the moment and I find it hard to gather my thoughts after I've done the effort of concentrating at work. Your photos as usual put a smile on my face (with the slightest hint of jealousy! ;-)

  21. I love the personality of spring in areas like yours. The seasons do a little bit of back and forth before they figure out which way to go. And then all of the sudden, before you know it, you will be in the depth of spring, with flowers all over the place!

  22. cieldequimper, I understand too busy to email, no worries! Thank you for your compliment.

    Doing what you love,
    Yes flowers will love all this melting snow and flourish.....

  23. of course, the birds.
    Our snow has all melted, but some days the air is too cold for my skin but my heart still knows it's spring because of the birds.
    Soon i'll be able to leave the door wide open to the breeze without so many shivers, but for now I celebrate spring by practicing my bird: "twee twee twee"

  24. That first photograph is so beautiful but it doesn't say Spring to me I must admit. You are lucky to live in such a lovely place.

  25. I know how you feel...It is spring here but just yesterday we had a layer of ice on everything that was 2 inches thick! But spring pulled through and it was all melted by the time I woke up today. It will get here, slowly but surely.

  26. Did you take a picture of your frozen heart pond? I'd love to see it! But caution! Finding hearts is addictive! It's hard to stop once you start! By the way, I absolutely adore your snow pictures. So serene. So beautiful.

  27. You've got winter and spring at the same time... ;)
    Soon it will be just spring! :)
    Just like our Norwegian conditions...
    We had spring yesterday. I was working in the garden and the birds where singing.
    Today we got some snow...
    It melts on the ground, though.
    I like the seasons very much.
    The smell of each season etc.

    Wonderful pictures! :)

  28. And I love that you share this with us! Makes those still-melting pockets of snow by my stone wall so very, very forgivable!

  29. Wow, what a contract of place. I loved the photo of the cabin enveloped in snow. What a nice touch with bird song.

  30. You beautifully expressed exactly how I feel. Spring doesn't mean flowers and greenery for me either. It's more gradual here. We still have snow, but it's melting (slowly) and the robins are back, and I call it Spring! Lovely post!


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