Buds Dressed in Raindrops

A few days ago I posted two images of buds dressed in rain drops....
So many wonderful comments and guesses were shared. Here are the guesses that came the closest:

Eco Rover suggested: some sort of orchid
Frontier Mom: I vote Lupine...but if it's a Fairyslipper, will you please take another photo of it in bloom?
Caroline: Is it a lady slipper?
Healingstones: is it a wild orchid of some kind - it has that long shape?
Dream With the Fishes: I'm going to take a guess anyway and say some kind of orchid.

The little buds are still developing, not a blooming flower yet
so I will share a photo from last year
I present to you the glorious and lovely scented
tiny little, wild orchid;

Frontier Mom guessed Lupin, but she did have the intuition to name the fairyslipper.
Please contact me ( I don't seem to be able to contact you) so that I can give you a greeting card!


  1. Wonderful, are there wild orchids everywhere?

  2. Orchids seem to be rare to find, perhaps that makes them more precious?!
    This little orchid is my hearts delight, so I remember where I have seen them, and I wait and watch as they begin to appear. One leaf, one stem, one lovely scented flower.

  3. Oh bummer I missed this one!!! Whoohoo - how fun hon!!

  4. Wild orchids are a rarity in Europe now, this is so pretty and delicate!

  5. Lovely! is it smaller and more delicate than the usual Ladyslipper? Or is it the same thing?

  6. Wow! In a way I was right, as those are what I remember the Scarlette family called ladyslippers. They are exquisite, and I am glad to hear they are actually orchid! What a beautiful thing. I am sure they do not grow here.

  7. So beautiful,when I go for a walk in nearby nature resort,I surch for wild orchids and than Im happy.I just need to do that more often.Greetings from Sandra

  8. A wonderful flower! Beautiful shot.

  9. Beautifully captured, orchids are always nice to see.

  10. Simply stunning! I think that I saw one in a garden shop and it stopped me in my tracks!!

  11. Tammie ~
    I can't believe you've found a fairyslipper...it's been so positively chilly this spring! Lovely! I'll send you a note with my email.
    Happy week,

  12. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    Congratulations to the winner! I had no idea - I just don't know the names of them. It's very pretty!

  13. This is just gorgeous! And the name fits it perfectly! I absolutely love this delicate little flower. Thanks for visiting me ;)

  14. Tammie: Beautiful orchid from the wild, great colors.

  15. Beautiful macro work here!

  16. Oh my...that is so beautiful...glad to know I was sort of close...

  17. Wonderful to look at the wild orchid. MB


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