Shrooms and Flies

Spring is here!
Her spirit is in the earth and sky.
Flowers and mushrooms fruit and bloom.

Absorbed in the unique
expression of these mushrooms,
I noticed little eyes near my kneeling knees.

Macros lens are such great fun!
Click to make bigger so that you can see with
great detail the little raised bumps these flies display:

Last night I was so delighted that I could turn off the incessant
buzzing of spring flies with a switch off of the light!

My world right now seems to be full of the tiny things, to see what other folks worlds are like, go to: My World Tuesday


  1. Those mushrooms are beautiful but I don't think I like to be so close to the flies! Nice photos:)

  2. Some of those mushrooms almost look like seashells! I almost mistook the flies for a winged spider!

  3. Thanks for the tour in the wonderland of mushrooms.

  4. Wonderful mushroom pictures - they are so weird and wonderful! And what a great pic of a fly!

  5. What gorgeous mushrooms you have found. There must be fairies nearby!!

  6. Amazing Macros! They look so beautiful.

  7. This post reminds me of the classic film "The Incredible Shrinking Man."

  8. What great macros! I like the mushrooms, but that picture of the flies is just fantastic.

  9. Tammie: What a neat view of the mushrooms, nice find. Great photo of the flies in action.

  10. Fantastic macro captures! The mushrooms are lovely. :)

  11. Oh Tammie - stunning macros - yu know how I love them!! I love drawing mushrooms - like little trees and the fly how did you get that one!!!??? Great work hon, Sarah

  12. I love the shapes and textures of mushrooms. You've captured them beautifully - good fly portrait, too!

  13. Hi Sharon,
    Yes, we will let those flies be.

    So fun that you saw different things in these images.

    Chrome#d, LadyFi, Clytie, Fishing Guy,
    thanks for enjoying the wonderful shrooms. I just love finding mushrooms! You'll be seeing more of them here on the blog.

    Indrani, Shey
    Macros are so much fun!
    But not always easy to take, especially since I rarely touch a tripod!

    No kidding eh, straight out of memory land of that movie. ;-)

    Thanks for enjoying the fly.

    Fishing Guy,
    Yep those flies were up to something!

    Those flies were in their own world, maybe hoping I would not kneel on them. But there they were doing their thing and I got to take a close up look/photo.

    Thanks for your visit!

  14. Thx for your visit and comment on my photoblog.

    You present here a lot of beautifull pics too!


  15. Wow. These are magnificent! I can do without the flies but the shot is still amazing. :-)

  16. So much life, and so rich!

  17. By the look of that last shot youll have a lot more flies to contend with! Lovely mushroom shots as well.

  18. Great mushroom shots - they're not edible, are they?

  19. Lovin' those macro shots! Very nicely done ☺

  20. Amazing macros! I love the mushrooms. Have a great day :)

  21. Wonderful mushrooms, annoying flies. Great macros. Yes it is fun.

  22. Outstanding macro shot. The mushroom is so beautiful and the flies, awesome. Have a nice day..

  23. lovely close-ups of the mushrooms...interesting.

  24. Awesome! I love love love the mushrooms. I dont know what it is about them but Ive always loved mushrooms. They look so magical. Or maybe it is just from spending too many of my developmental years playing super mario brothers :) Great pics as usual.

  25. All shots are so beautiful, but the third one is just amazing.

  26. Looking at these photos ... I soooooo wants a macro lens !!!! :-)

    Very cool photos of the mushrooms and fly...

  27. How beautiful! Your mushrooms are just gorgeous! They look so shiney, like newborn eggs.

    Thank you for sharing! And I love that fly-guy!

  28. Hi Tammie, you did good with the little things. My camera will never do this!
    I did do a "Tolerance poem" of sorts, it is on my other blog,
    JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO AND POEM PLACE, (you'll have to paste this or choose it from my profile)
    http://jimmiehov6.blogspot.com/ ..
    Thank you for visiting my other blog with Ruby Red Tuesday covering our European Holiday and for your nice comment.

  29. Such an interesting series of shots however I have this urge to swat the last one! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Your photos are beautiful! Just spent some time on your blog. I see you are also a fungi lover like me. I do need to get a macro, love up close and personal photos!

    -Lisa :)

  31. Great closeups. I love the way that a good photo helps us appreciate the tiny, beautiful details of our world.

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