Water, a treasure

Our days are flavored with rain
light rain
rain as tiny balls of snow
and ice
rain that pours and pounds as sound
upon my metal roof
leaving behind tiny drops
as jewels to dress the new born greens
of spring

After experiencing the fire in Santa Barbara,
the presence of rain
is an obvious gift!

The first person to correctly tell me (I know) in their comment
what flower
the bud in the first and last image
will bloom into
can pick a greeting card from my etsy store, as a gift from me to you.

To see more watery images from around the world: Watery Wednesday


  1. What a strange relief these photos are, after your last post of the fire.

  2. Lovely photos! But, sadly, I don't have a clue what flower that will be.

  3. The rain is a gift, as are these pictures. If only I knew what that flower might be...

  4. I tried to puzzle out the lovely single-petaled, bowl-like flower to no avail. Thought maybe sugarbowl at first, or some sort of orchid--but pure guessing.

  5. Hi Tammie ~
    Lovely site....the photos, the prose and thought. I adore flowers, most especially those found here in our beautiful Montana. I vote Lupine...but if it's a Fairyslipper, will you please take another photo of it in bloom?

  6. One always appreciates rain more after experiencing tragedy. Most people whine and moan about rainy days, including me sometimes. We all forget that mother earth needs water so badly unless we want to live in deserts.
    I don't have a clue what the little, delicate beauty will be! :-( An anemone?

  7. So glad to have you back!Dandylion ?

  8. I'm going to say it's a cyclamen, though that is just a guess, and it's likely to be something more wild. Beautiful photos

  9. No idea what flower it is but it sure is a wonderful capture in both images. The wet flowering moss I was really impressed with. Apart from being a very beautiful image it's an amazing macro too. The colours are so vivid and intense in that.
    The poem is lovely and it sure has a good deal of truth in it. Water is the elixir of life.

  10. Oh, so gorgeous. Refreshing. Wonderful. Thanks.

  11. Having endured two years of drought here in Tennessee, we are well aware of how precious water is. Your photos are gorgeous, but unfortunately I have no idea what the flower is.

  12. I have no idea what flower it is! And if I new, I wouldn't know the name in English. The photos are enough for me - they are simply wonderful! The green in the middle looks so fragile and so vibrant; simply adorable photo! You have a good eye - and a god pen!

  13. Refreshing rain....
    all of your photos are lovely.

  14. Raindrops and flowers are a perfect combination! One of my most favorite views. Sigh. So beautiful. Have a great day, Tammie :)

  15. Such lovely macro shots! The moss is wonderful. I think you were out in the woods taking wild flower photos along with the moss. I am going to throw in a wild guess of "cats ear" at least thats what I call a wild flower that is about that same color! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  16. it's moist here today. the clouds lie heavy enough to make me feel strangely tired - similiar to how it feels to be anesthatized - compelling tiredness that also feels alien to your body. I actually kind of like it (the way i like the hallucinatory effect of fevers) for being a crashing invitation to surrender. it's rainy enough for that - but it's not drenching, not quite enough for relinguishment.
    your pictures are delicate and refreshing, a good compliment to the tension in the weather here.
    I am curious to know the flower's name.

  17. Our days are flavored with rain...

    Very nice: beautifully delicate photographs.

    Wishing you more rain on the roof.

  18. So beautiful. You really captured the sense of spring and renewal. Is it a lady slipper? Whatever the bud, it's beautiful and delicate (and bringing me lots of peace right now).

  19. It's horrible about the fires. The shots are beautiful. Wish I could tell you what the flower is.

  20. Tammie,
    I always love visiting you blog. One can never under estimate the importance of rain in the skeem of things. Enjoy your week
    Smiles Barbara

  21. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    Rain sweet rain. I like your poetry - I like the subtle rhymes within the lines and the rhythm. Greta photos too - the flower...um... is it a wild orchid of some kind - it has that long shape? (Oh yeah - I'm guessing!! :0)

  22. Beautiful photos...

    Love the way you have captured the rain drops on the buds..

  23. These are perfect shots. Thaks for sharing

  24. I think I'll get a nice cool glass of water now! Gorgeous photos:)

  25. It's beautiful.
    I like it.
    Great photos!

  26. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    I don't know what kind of flower it is, but it's a beauty! The other is so very delicate

  27. So pretty! Each one more magnificent than the last!

  28. Can I guess the moss instead?
    Beautiful photos and sentiments as always.


  29. Such tenderness. Life at it's beginning. Thank you.

  30. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    My heart goes out to all those who's lives have been affected by these fires seemingly back-to-back. The rain is definitely a blessing. Your photos are beautiful, as always. I have no clue what that sweet bud will become, and someone probably already guessed it, but I'm going to take a guess anyway and say some kind of orchid (cattleya?). Thank you for your warm comments and good wishes on my renovations! So good to hear from you again! xo Serena

  31. You're so right Tammie, water is a treasure and one of our basic needs.
    In case after case around the world, water has been turned into a profit making commodity – preventing access to the most essential element on Earth...and a non-renewable one. Pollution, corporate takeover, and the mismanagement of water ecosystems have resulted in dire water poverty and scarcity in many parts of the world.

    Mark Twain said, “Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting over.” And the world food and water watchers predict that future wars will be over water.
    As you read this, corporations and governments the world over – backed by their allies in the World Bank, IMF, and World Trade Organization – are putting ‘for sale’ signs on urban and rural water systems. In 90 percent of the world, the state still controls water, and even where it is partnered with a community, it often fails to protect earth rights and human rights. Each day as a result of lack of access to safe water 4000 to 5000 children die. That just boggles the mind.

    It's pretty frightening when you think about it....Many, many people on the planet just cannot afford to pay for the water they need in order to survive, yet privatization of water is happening all over the world.

    Sorry if I'm being too over the top here, but there are just some things that I'm passionate about and the right for all to this life giving resource is one of them.

    hug, hug

  32. What lovely photos...wow! Would it be a ldayslipper? I once came upon a forest full of them in the a mountainous area on the southern west coast. It was magical. And we stayed with a family by the name of Scarlette.



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