Jesusita Fire

While visiting loved ones in Southern California the Jesusita Fire began.
Last fall I was there and the Tea Fire began, I am not sure what to think of my timing!
Wild fires like these inspire fear and sadness -
as well as the coming together of a community to support one another.
Santa Barbara has had three huge wild fires within the period of one year!

From thirty miles away,
smoke like this tells of an immense fire!

Ten miles closer:

Sitting at my son's, we could see the fires roaring up the mountains, explosions igniting in blacks, greens and yellows. Homes threatened and burning:

Sun veiled in smoke:

Home again, today's temps around 50F and rain dances on my ponds.
The earth's cloak turns greener daily, such a difference from the southern land of California!


  1. Tammie,
    Glad you and you family remained safe with the fire so close...Tt is terribly dry here in Central CA. too...and we are hitting 90 degree temps. We need rain, a lot of it. Where you are sounds and looks like heaven...

  2. so glad you're back home tammie!! those photos of the fire are so intense! we are so blessed to be getting all this rain (tho we can hardly wait for spring's warmth!) but we'll need all this extra moisture to protect from fires this summer in MT!! so glad we're here...together!!

  3. So glad your home - we missed you!!! I lived in LA for a long time - so many fires!! It seems like they are so much worse than years ago!! Very hot down South this year and so soon!! Wonderful place to visit - but I love it up here!! Hope you had a wonderful time anyway! Blessings, Sarah

  4. Hi Julie,

    Yes very dry, very early in the season for the southland! Wishing you spring showers!

    Thanks Abigail,
    I am happy to be home too! I love it here. I loved our visit last night!

    Ah gee thanks for your welcome home, it is nice to be back. I did have a lovely visit with everyone, even with the extreme fire....

  5. It's good to know that your family was safe! What a sad incident. It's always heartbreaking to see the loss of all these people. But your photos are stunning as always. Have a great week and happy mother's day, Tammie :)

  6. Everytime there is a fire, I feel so sad for the victims and angry at those who lit the fire. Why people do it is beyond me.

    You were lucky to watch from so far away knowing that you are safe.


    Ann :)

  7. So sad,... I hope your son's home isn't in danger. Was it difficult to breathe with that smoke in the air? My heart goes out to those whose homes are in danger or already lost.

  8. Rosidah ~
    Yes most people are safe, a few were injured as they fought the fire.

    Ann ~
    Not sure if it is clear how this fire was started, may have been an accident. Most fires here in Montana are started by lightning.

    My son has returned to his home. Thank you for asking. It was difficult for some people to breath, it depended on where you were in relation to the smoke.

  9. It seems like everyone has to learn to live with a different kind of natural disaster. We have hurricanes in Florida, some have tornados, earthquakes, flooding, snowstorms and then there are fires. I haven't watched the news so I don't know if these were set my man or an act of mother nature. Either way, a very scary situation to be in. Great photos...beautiful but tragic and dramatic at the same time.

  10. Tammie: So glad you are safe, it must be very hard to watch it approach.

  11. Those are amazing shots. They really show the power of the fire...The weather looks amazing though...such blue skies. It's pretty scary that it has already burned like that considering the grass isn't even as dry as it is going to get!

    By the way, you've added a lot of spectacular photos. Wonderful. And thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy being back home...

  12. My parents live in a house that has burned twice since they built it, in the Berkeley Hills. Some fire is natural in these places, which are very beautiful and appealing to live in -

  13. So sorry you had to have that memory with you home.Also of cource sad for the people and animals involved.

  14. I was travelling in California during some of last summer's fires, and found it terribly sad. Those pictures really are resonant of that time for me.

  15. Fire has so many sides, good and bad, doesn't it? The Santa Barbara fires have been horredous! What a waste.

  16. The fires are so sad! I know they are necessary in nature...but still...

    Welcome home, I bet the land is lush with new growth...can't wait to see how you "picture it." :)

  17. A wildfire is absolutely frightening. I'm glad it got no closer to you and I hope your son's home will continue to be safe.

  18. What an amazing set of photos. Wow...I've been praying for those folks. It must be so terrifying to watch the fireline grow closer and closer...

    I'm glad you got home safely.

  19. This is scary but the pictures are amazing...as always. Missed your blog. Work has kept me away.

    Hope all is well with you!! It's nice to catch up again.

  20. Oh, my. The danger and destruction leave me silent.

  21. The bush fires of Australia resonate a similar picture. Energy functions in cycles that are not always predictable based on earthly climates and seasons. Plane Earth is experiencing many kinds of upheavals. Human beings are urge to reflect on consequences of every thought and action. The temperatures, fires, droughts and human choices are interconnected. All events offer experience, lessons and wisdom to everyone, even those not yet ready or willing to receive on a conscious level. You do not discern everything that is happening. You only perceive what you are willing to accept you know. Inner knowing goes far deeper. I am grateful Bernie introduced me to this blog. As he walks through wilderness in stillness, everyone else does too, in body, mind or spirit.

  22. wow! Those are some amazing pictures. The summer here is a very dangerous time for fires as well, and there are always bans on burning anything.

  23. Beautiful images of such a scary, potentially deadly thing! I love that last shot! The perspective is awesome!

  24. The fires are horrible. So much destruction. It doesn't seem fair that they faced another one after having faced one last year. Despite the tragedy, your shots are magnificent.

  25. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    I hate it that these fires are constantly breaking out - I just want to scream up to the Heavens, "Give these people a break!"

  26. you have captured it nicely yet at the same time the its too bad to view and read about it.


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