Winter Crystals

morning treasures

formed in the cold of night

they call my creek home

in their short lived life

often the crystals evaporate, take flight, disappear throughout the day
even though the temperature is below freezing
so interesting

moon shadows on the snow
our recent full moon



  1. Thank you for sharing something I may never see in my lifetime. Lovely

    1. Thank you for enjoying these Linda. I had never seen them until I live here in Montana.
      They grow in so many shapes, these I have only seen a few times.

      PS if you have a blog, when I click on your name, it does not take me there.

  2. I've never seen anything like that in my life. Exquisite -- a true little miracle of beauty.

  3. Those ice crystals are amazing and look just like star flowers! All so beautifully captured. A lovely moon shot and the wonderful tall trees with the shadows in the snow! You live in a Wonderland, Tammie!

  4. Such beauty! I agree that Montana seems to grow the best ice crystals. The ice spikes are beautiful but that starry night photo is really special.

  5. Those ice crystals teach us something about being in the moment, Tammie! Your macros are always stunning. I love the moonglow in your forest - I can't get over how bright the moon is sometimes when I look into the forest at night.

  6. Your full moon photo is beautiful with the trees framing the photo like that! And I always love your micro photography (or is it macro???), the crystals are just so pretty!

  7. The crystile world through your macro is amazing. So many stars!!Beautiful,Tammie.

  8. The ice crystals in the photos looked to me as if starting to move on their own and your words about evaporation proved it. The Woolf Moon photo is mysteriously atmospheric. Maybe a wolf feel like howling to the moon? Though I don’t know if a wolf howls to see the moon.


  9. That's amazing how they form like that. So pretty while they last.



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