March, Winter

snow has fallen most days
or nights
often only an inch

last night we got 6 inches
at this time of year
I always wonder if it is our last sincere snowfall

I see dark eyed Juncos daily

true to their name
it is hard to see their eyes

often around sunset
the sun touches our world
with passion

the world is hushed under the blanket of snow
but for the birds
this pileated woodpecker
drums on the trees
and fills the sky



  1. your skies are beautiful, and your little home looks so cosy tucked up among the trees in the snow. the juncos are pretty birds.. I've just had a read about them, I didn't realise they were sparrows.. their kin have been skipping around our garden this afternoon, they are lovely company.

  2. ...Tammie Lee, this collection of nature's beauty certainly lifted my spirits. What a collection of WOW!

  3. What lovely colourful skies and fresh snowfalls too. Nice to see those birds. The Junco must find it difficult to find things to eat right now.
    Have a wonderful weekend! It is sunny here today which is something to rejoice about!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I have seeds out for the birds. The juncos tend to be on the earth waiting for food to fall and they seem to get plenty.
      All my conifers still have cones in them and i hear birds up there all winter, so I think they have plenty of food. Surprising in a way.

  4. Lovely snow and sky captures. We seem to be stuck in a rainy pattern, for months now. Cute junco, cool birds.

  5. The first picture is charming, it is a delight to contemplate it.


  6. A lovely magical world. We got more snow yesterday here in southern New England... and rumor has it that more's on the way. I appreciate it as spring approaches, as go my gardens, the wetlands, lakes and rivers.

  7. Hello,Tammie,
    The first photo is amazing. You have captured such a powerful sky. Your house in the second photo is charming.
    I am happy to see those little birds enjoying the snow.
    Happy day to you!

  8. The woodpecker is my favourite of these shots. Beautiful!

    We've still got light snow falling most days. Today's sunny, but bitterly cold.

  9. The views on the second and fourth picture are like a fairy tale. Woodpecker standing on the snow had not yet seen. Regards.

  10. Winter seems even more beautiful when the first signs of Spring arrive! Nice captures!

  11. Beautiful. For the third winter in a row we have had no snow. The weather patterns are very strange. At one time I thought my kids would never see snow until we had two very snowy winters anout 12 years ago. Since then very little.

  12. WOW, impressive skies, Tammie!!
    How gorgeous!
    Here too, the peckers have started their drumming parades, but we don't have snow anymore.
    And you see some in my pics, it's because I travelled into the Pyrenean mountains to find it! LOL!
    Enjoy your Sunday and the new week :)

  13. I’m always pleased with how you pick up and describe magic all around your world, Tammie. I especially like the first photo. Snowfall in the mid-March is unusual in my part of the world. It is called “nagori yuki” in Japanese which means mid-to-late March snowfall is winter’s “sorrow at parting”, tears from winter sky. Stay warm, and take care.


    1. Thank you for sharing what March snowfall means.
      I think a lot of people in my area are feeling joy and anticipation in a new season.
      I like to enjoy each last snowfall wondering if it is the last. My sense is the last one, at 6" is the last serious snowfall. Snow is melting day and night now.

  14. What a sky! Those birds are magnificent against the snow. We made it home from New England a day ahead of the blizzard! Glad not to be on the road right now! Truly, Tammie, all the photos are fabulous!

  15. Wow - what winter perfection!

  16. Oh how quiet and deep it all feels, I love coming here, there is a stillness and such a magical quality to all you share here. Winter is real your way! My latest post is filled with sunshine, but March can turn just like that, crazy old March!

  17. Stunning images... the Pileated in the snow is gorgeous. You almost make me wish To live where I would experience a hard winter. But only almost (I hate to be cold).


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