Winter becomes Spring

though most our days are cloudy
around sunset
the sun often lights up our world

rain instead of snow
these days

snow is thawing
my creek and ponds (still frozen)
rise and overflow their banks

I stepped outside
 a skunk wandering by
happy and cautious was I

last night it got down to 19F
creek and ponds
froze over
creating their temporary 
sacred geometry
I believe that  winter has bowed out to spring



  1. Beautiful photos to start spring.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  2. tu habites l'hiver qui est beau chez toi... et les animaux sont formidables...aussi le pic ! bises

    1. yes, a true winter. thank you for enjoying your peak.

  3. The skunk is quite a sight, as long as they're not startled!

  4. Wonderful shots of your world as it is now! The transformation through the seasons is taking place and all is so beautiful and sparkling! I love all your photos, but that second one of the evergreens in the rain touches my heart! Love the next image of the meandering river, partially unfrozen and the gorgeous reflections! Wishing you continued loveliness!

  5. It's good to see Spring starting to come into your area! I hope it will be gentle!

  6. Spring will certainly come in no time! But it's so amazing to see how the two seasons change places, mingling slowly in a perfect way! I love the first photo! Hope you could take another picture of the same sight soon - this time in green!:)Happy Spring, Tammie!

  7. What beautiful images... Is it early for spring there? It is here but it was in the 60's today. I especially love your image of the rain droplets on the pine needles with the gorgeous bokeh behind it. Wow.

  8. Your winter is breaking away. How lovely, this first day of spring, to see it come to you. Slow but sure.

  9. Wow - your photos of the changing weather are magnificent, Tammie. (Also love the skunk pic!) We have much melting here in the mts of CO, but a snow storm is due later in the week. We do need the moisture so our summer won't be too dry.

  10. What beautiful photos of early spring.I love to see the skunk waking up!!

  11. Lovely photos and that skunk is a real surprise!
    Enjoy the transition from winter to spring. :)

  12. I like the rosy mountain. The raindrops on the needles and the backdrop Bokeh is beautiful. Love the skunk, needless to say.



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