I adore this flower
with it's lemon yellow dots
that turn to marigold as they head to the tips of it's petals
offering cherry red  at the end
lovely little cliff dwellers that grow on a mossy mat on rock outcroppings

the elegant Queen's cup
a single white flower on each plant
and when the flower goes to seed 
it offers the world a single blue colored berry (not edible)

We have indeed entered berry season:

I was on a camping trip last week 
So hungry for breakfast
stopped the van to take a photo....
and little bushes of fat berries offered themselves to me!
Huckleberry season!

mountain roads are where I wander often
they beckon
(half they year they are closed due to snow and ice)

it is such a joy to see fields of flowers

and gems of dew on morning flowers

the season of flowing waters

Lovely day and beyond to you!




  1. Your cliff-dwelling flower is so pretty, I love your closeup shots! The mountains are my home, I am in love with them. It's such a treat to spend our lives out here in nature! :)

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the spotted Saxifrage. I think i found them at the end of their season. So many things are going to seed. Need to get higher in the mountains to see some that are already gone at this elevation. I am glad you love the mountains. Me too.

  2. Such a lovely place to visit and to enjoy the beautiful nature. Your yellow flower is gorgeous, and the flower with yellow dots is so pretty.
    Have a beautiful day, Tammie.

  3. What a lush, lovely world you inhabit -- thanks so much for sharing its beauty! (And... spotted flowers! What a treat!)

  4. Love the changing colours of the dots on the first flower, and the blue colour of the berry is so intense. Beautiful scenery!! Thank you so much for sharing!


  5. This post is just magic! That one flower with the dots -- fabulous. And huckleberry season. I'll have a post on that soon. Such memories of my youth! Thank you for the beauty and the peace. It is magic.

  6. Everything is so beautiful. I love the flowing water and the lovely Huckleberry snack that was offered to you!

  7. Beautiful summer scenes! The mountain road looks inviting, makes me wonder what will be over there. The sky is beautiful with autumn clouds. I’m fascinated by the blueness of huckleberries. They are also gems of the forest. Take care and enjoy your short summer. Thanks for sharing your magical world.


  8. That first flower is beautiful. I don't think I saw that flower before. The sky looks so pretty there.

    Have a lovely day.


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