Nelson B.C.

This post has been inspired by a blog friend in Norway who shares my love of Nelson B.C. In 2005 I had the ultimate delight of living in Nelson for 4 months. I got to experience the end of a very hot summer, a colorful fall and first snow falls of winter. I was in love with the charm and beauty of the area.
So I am posting images for you and for Son.

Downtown store sign:

My walk home:

Some colors of fall:

Canada sky:

Thanksgiving berries, note the purple stems against the red berries:

Sun clock and more, as in Lady D~ :

Looking up lake:

More colors:

From up high, great hike, the Pulpit Trail:

Local art, fence, weather vane, sundial:

Wonderful Oso Negro (wireless) excellent coffee shop, fence:


Wings in Nelson:

Nelson remains forever fond in my heart.


  1. Nelson looks absolutely beautiful. I'm not surprised it's stayed with you. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Many thanks for these beautiful photographs. I can only echo your sentiments - Once you've been to Nelson, you'll never forget it . . .


  3. Your blog is so beautiful. I will be back soon. thank you so much for sharing all your awesome photos. Tami (Lee)
    Minneapolis. I told two of my friends about you. You should check out Sweet Miss Daisy's blog. She takes wonderful photos on her farm. I'm a rubber stamper and I'm not too good at taking photos but I wish I was!! TTYL

  4. These photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I'll be back.

  5. Thanks for stopping by our Moleskine blog! You have some beautiful images here, I will be back for more. Cheers!


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