What goes on in a Meadow!

A few days ago, wandering in the woods I came upon a fresh morel mushroom! Imagine my excitement. It was in the same place as the two I found last year. I visit it once or twice a day, taking pictures, noting it's daily change, which is quite noticeable. It has been a wonderful experience sitting and observing in one spot. This is so different from walking through the woods where all the critters hear me!

Tonight I wandered out, thinking I would see how the morel has changed since last night and maybe take a few pictures, when I noticed something big and dark in the far end of the meadow. I must share that I walk around here, near daily. So when a new shape and color shows up, well I notice it. That is how I discovered the Northern Goshawk eating a duck ( I posted a picture of April 11, 2008 called A Hawks Feast). Well it was down near the same area that I spotted this black spot, big as a huge tree trunk. I pulled out my telephoto lens and sure enough a BIG black bear. It was far so my pictures are not so clear, but hey this is a good thing. It means the bear was far away from me! Sort of. It appeared to be eating, walking and rolling it's nose into the earth. I sat there amazed and thankful to be experiencing this. I often walk the woods and I have come across tracks, big tracks. But to see the bear, wow, this is a first.

Later in the evening, sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset, I heard some gun shots. They sounded like they were in the same meadow. I was drawn to run out there to see what was going on. To my great relief, no hunters, no bear. But down in the far meadow I witnessed a ancient dance, something I have never seen. There were five or more whitetail deer frolicking about, running through water, splashing and jumping, leaping and running off only to return for more and more. I am thrilled to find out what goes on in that meadow!

Is he doing what I think he is?


  1. what a beautiful post! I also love sitting down in nature noticing the small things and watching their progress. How wonderful to see the bear and the dancing deer too!

  2. What an am amazing encounter! I'm not sure I would have had the presence of mind to start taking pictures, but I'm glad you did. Do you wear bells while taking your walks?

  3. I don't wear bells on my walks, but I often carry pepper spray. I didn't think to that afternoon, I just thought i was visiting the little mushroom. Local folks say that bear bells are really dinner bells, "here bear, here here". When I am alone in the woods, sometimes I recite a poem out loud, same effect as bells.

    Thanks for visiting and asking.

  4. Tammie Lee: That is a wonderful capture of a gorgeous animal.

  5. Tammie,
    I think you answered that age old question regarding what bears do in the woods! :)

  6. Wow! that is absolutely amazing. What an incredible place.


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