The Kreativ Blogger Award

Stoneweaver has granted me a Kreativ Blogger award. So kind and generous of her. Stoneweaver makes beauteous jewelry that is full of spirit!

As with many blogging awards, I have to pass this one on to others. First, here are the rules, which I will somewhat follow:

* Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you have posted your award. * Share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things you do not support. Grant the prize to 6 people.

6 things I find of Value. Well this is timely, for lately I have joked about wonderful things that are in my top ten favorites. I bet the list could be 100 instead of 10, but for now I will mention 6:

1) foraging ~ finding food in the wild (berries, mushrooms, roots, greens etc.) is highly exciting and satisfying!

2) Flowers flowers and more flowers ~ taking their portraits, breathing in their spirit through their beauty ah!

3) laughing and laughter, yours or mine, divine

4) dancing softly, wildly, or slowly alone or with another.... ummm

5) the feel of cashmere and the scent of beeswax

6) kissing.... hugging......

Now for the six things I do NOT support:

1) this is deep, for I think, I do NOT support cruelty: After being a vegetarian for 25 years I am very aware of the treatment of animals that will be used as meat. So now I consider that I eat meat/animals, fish; there is cruelty in the way they are kept and killed.

Or perhaps (not even perhaps) my taxes are used for cruelty in ways I am unaware and yet if I support these things through my taxes I feel I am responsible.

2) war..... but here again, I do believe my taxes support war and so I am held accountable

3) being inconsiderate, and yet I would bet that on occasion I behave in a way that is inconsiderate.

4) ok, I am having a challenging time coming up with things I do not support without realizing that I myself do support these things.

This leads me to feel that I must be careful with my actions and ideas of what I do and do not support. What is the deepest truth, now this is interesting and intriguing!

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  1. wow there are some cool photos on here! the leaf one is awesome it looks like you stuck lots of little pieces of amber on it...and I have a weakness for toadstools :) I only get to see them maybe every few years...

  2. Halo my dear!!

    what a pleasant surprise!! I am truly honored!! and it is a thought provoking piece also~

    will be working on this ;)

    off to go read more of your awesome blog~

    xo!! ~Bella

  3. Mmmmm - more fine blogs to explore. Thanks.

  4. Well there is no doubt in my mind about what I’d like in a Spirithelper card – I want that leaf! Every time I look at it I smile and repeat my little inner mantra – Life Is Good!

    Congrads on yet another well-deserved blogger award. And it is interesting to read a little bit about the woman behind the pictures. Thank you for sharing with us, both your photos and your heartfelt love of all things small and large.


  5. Well thank you for the congrads Son.
    The leaf is yours, now what about a second card?! Yes these meme's & awards that go around do ask that we reveal more of ourselves. I ponder how much of myself to share on this blog. Do I keep it mostly about my photography or do I add my writing, art and more? I have attempted to keep it somewhat about my photography, but can not help but share more. I have noticed that I am not able to stay with one expression of being alive.


  6. Thank you so so much for giving me this award~

  7. Just been buzzing around your blog, and wow is it gorgeous! Your pictures are phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  8. That leaf is beautiful!
    Congratulations on the award also :)

  9. the leaf is just amazing. i could see how the moisture from the dew had changed the leaf's color. amazing artist -> mother nature

  10. Today on our walk to Lizard Lake we were able to eat some wild lettuce and stream violets. The violets have an aftertaste of bubblegum. The trillium is starting to come out in abundance. The world is waking up!


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