Why are these Raindrops different colors?

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  1. I am going to guess that they are reflecting different colours of the leaf...that the raindrops are acting like a prism to make a leafy rainbow :)

  2. Hummmmmh, will have to guess as well: either what shannanigans said or: maybe the raindrops are actually rather mirroring different fall colors from a source somewhere above the leaf...maybe a tree in full autumn dress standing tall above the leaf?
    Whatever the solution: your photo is breathtaking! Keep on keepin' on! Walk in Magic, Nicole

  3. Duh. I agree with Shannaigans and Magicrainbowdreamings?

    Whatever the reason, that is a palpably beautiful photograph.

  4. reflections from the suns rays

  5. Is it photo shopped? Great photo, my favorite time of year is fall! This photo being on of the reasons!

  6. Ah, This is so much fun. I love hearing all your creative ideas.

    This photo is not 'photoshopped'. I barely know anything about photoshop. I do some minor editing, nothing that can not be done with a camera, meaning if you know how to use every aspect of a digital camera you could do the same things and more than I do with my editing program. I like nature just as it is!

  7. I think that some of them have spiderwebs on them.

  8. Well, here comes my second guess ... how about: the rain mixed with another substance of color (maybe washing something out) while falling, creating some sort of "emulsion", then hitting the leaf and now reflecting and/ or mirroring the different shades of the leaf - or maybe the "golden" sky - in hues of amber.

    (One might think I'd reaaally love to win that image, no? *chuckle* ;o)) With rustling fall hugs, Nicky

  9. :):)...I have no idea either...but it is a wonderful photo...

  10. Because the rain devas thought she would look more enticing decked out in color for her prom dress. A sheer look, even at a forest prom primeval, was deemed a little too risque.

  11. And that's my final answer...

  12. Is it the leaf mold showing through on some of the darker drops

  13. Oh this is so fun!
    I am enjoying all your answers tremendously!
    I sold at a market today and have a few different images of this leaf, they all sold. Looks like folks like this little treasure I stumbled upon. I have never seen anything quite like it.

    Rain devas..... you might be on to something!

  14. Raindrops? Those are not raindrops, those are (delicious) drops of single malt Irish whiskey, I’d recognize it anywhere.

    - Son

  15. What a beautiful photograph, it encapsulates the beauty of autumn.. ( by the way I'm going with the prism theory!:))

  16. Good Day friends~

    I have to confess, I do not know why the drops are different colors! That is why I asked, I was curious. SO it is impossible for me to say anyone one of you is more right than another.
    Selling my photos at an art show yesterday a man guessed that the dust on the leaf colored each drop, another worthy guess along with each of yours.

    Since I do not "know" I will now go to a number generator to pick the winner.

    And the Winner is: Murat11 ~ yea with bells and whistles!

    Thank you all for playing along with me.

  17. Tammie: My students would think it entirely appropriate that I should "win" a "contest" via a random choice. (And a "random" answer, at that.)

    I'm honored, and excited to have such a wonderful prize. Mil gracias.

  18. Hahahaha! That's a good one, Tammie ;o) And congrats to Murat11, not only for having been picked but especially for his answer. (It's actually my favorite.) His approach was a nice reminder to me ... thanks! And thank you, Tammie, for hosting this great post. Have a most lovely day, Nicky

  19. Magic RB Dreaming~
    It was fun that you were such a willing participant with great ideas, perhaps even the right answers!

    So many fun thoughts on these amber gems of liquid~

    reflections of the leaf
    because they are
    reflections of the world around the leaf
    reflections of mold and dust on the leaf
    Irish malt whisky
    devas did it
    reflections of the suns rays

    Thank you all for your glorious thoughts! Truly I do not know the real answer. Yet I do know that I have never seen anything quite like this in all my wandering.

  20. my guess would have been the reflecting light and colours of the leaf, for what its worth.:)
    thanks for your comment- I hope you are doing well! your blog is looking wonderful as usual :)

  21. How beautiful this is! It always seems like such a gift to find something like this when out and about. :)

  22. I think it is the reflections from the suns rays...Whatever the reason, that is a very beautiful photograph.


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