The Mountain's Breathe

i love it when the mountains breath
turns to clouds
flows through the sky
into our eyes

 time passes by
all the while the sky
is full of changes

it is still winter here, but starting to feel like Spring


  1. How much life off your photographic work ...
    Tammie, these landscapes often make me think about changing place to live ... are mere dreams, but it's pretty well: a photograph can give us a dream.

    Thanks friend.

  2. Here on the edge of the North Cascades.... its been feeling springy for the past two weeks with temps above freezing during the day.... so the snow is begin to melt away rapidly now.... You don't even require snow shoes to go off the beaten path anymore, since the snow has consolidated.... I'd say that about a months worth of winter has melted off ahead of time in favour of spring. Next to the house, you can see the rhubarb excited to unfurl its self into the light of day.

    How was the snow pack this year at Glacier? Is it above or below normal? We are pondering hiking the CDT again this year.

  3. Hello Remei,
    thank you for enjoying and sharing with me!

    mister b.
    I will email you a response. you can also call 406.888.7859 for more information. Hope that helps.

  4. I like the transformation of clouds, to watch them floatig in the sky, to discover what objects they resemble... But it has never come up to my mind that they are the mountain's breath!:))
    It must be very exciting to notice and feel with all your senses the first signs of Spring!:)!

  5. I bet the air is so fresh and crisp! I think I went another winter without seeing the white stuff . . . thanks for sharing here!

  6. ohh this is beautiful!!Evertime i see photoes like this i want to be out in the cold!!!(i even think cold is good for the skin hihihi)

    i wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE!!

    thank you for visiting me:)


    Anita :)

  7. Wow, it's sure pretty up there!

  8. Oh it´s really a beautiful landscape. Is this where you live. Breathtaking beautiful!

  9. And I'm breathing with them thanks to you! The sky has been grey here for so long we are having record pollution. :-(

  10. When I was in Whitefish, last summer, I realized I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


  11. Through your captures, the mountains' breath came my way and breathed new life inside of me! I feast my eyes on the blue of the sky (I can see a blue 'eye' framed by the clouds in that second shot!) The clouds seem to say: we're preparing spring, come what may!

  12. TL - such gentle imagery - mountain breathe turning to cloud. We often wake to cloud in the valley below and watch it gently rise - like a breathe - the valley breathing? Go well. B

  13. Timeless,mysterious,beautiful landscape - it must be wonderful to be close to this.


  14. How heavenly - pure magic!

  15. hello all,

    thank you for your lovely messages, you have begun my day with a smile!

    Lasse, I live an hour from where these photos were taken. My scene is very different, but just as wild and wonderful.

    Sandra, your message reads like a beautiful poem.

    I like that Barry: the Valley Breathing!

    sometimes it feels like clouds are clouds, and sometimes if feels as though they rise from the land and mountains themselves.

    Yes, it is wonderful to live in the wild of NW Montana!

  16. It is so beautiful nature you got. The landscape in the winter is so wonderful. Yes,, me to can feel the spring... the bird is singing and you can see it in the trees, little green colours in the topp...
    Maybe it is to early but we know it will comming...soon.
    Winterhug from Hilda

  17. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    It is the same here, Tammie. I am sure we will be seeing snowdrops in a week or two.

  18. What a wonderful place to live Tammie. Natural Montana is beautiful.

  19. "The mountains breathing." So unaware of us watching as they do, but maybe not.
    Your words put so much more beauty in your pictures.

  20. ...thankyoU sO much for your wintery landscape imagery! ~ blessed be! ~ beautiful nature girl!...(o:

  21. Wow!!! So many amazing posts!!!
    This is s p e c t a c u l a r !!!!!!!
    The light! The color! The reflection!
    Sheesh! Makes me want to board a plane!


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