Threshold of Summer

June is our rainy month
time of storms
and beautiful skies

a time when life is giving birth
wild roses:

Indian paintbrush:


great gray owlet

a lovely time
on the threshold of summer

i paused to consider sharing a story with you
i use this blog as a spirit helper
to remind us that nature has the ability to uplift our spirits

as i paused i thought that intense things in nature are good for us too
they remind us of what is real
teaching us respect and awareness:

three black bears hunted in my yard recently
a mamma and her two large cubs
 i heard the bleating of a fawn....
it was entirely dramatic in 
motion and sound
as i could hear them growling, grunting and chomping their feast
one bear climbed up and down a cottonwood tree 
with ease

they might have caught the fawn's scent as they wandered
or the protective mothers scent

the mother deer was entirely distraught
my heart went out to her

I have been looking at humanized bears in art in a different way 
this week

we all eat
and something must die for this to happen
so it is simply real

bears are seriously strong and wild creatures
i most certainly witnessed this
and living in the wilds of Montana
is indeed wild 


  1. Tammie your photos are so beautiful. It's easy to tell you have great respect for the earth and it's creatures but I have to ask, especially after reading this post, are you ever afraid with these wild animals being so close? It looks like you truly to do live far from a city or town. I think I might be a little scared of who/what might be coming to visit me...lol.

  2. hi Kim,
    thank you for your visit and message. I have a 20 min. drive to town, I do have neighbors within ear shot, but yes it is wild. Lion and bears and wolves oh my! I love it. Most animals want nothing to do with people, when walking they disappear before we see them. We see more wild animals when driving because we come up on them fast. I don't feel scared, but nothing bad has ever happened. I do feel alert and aware and also follow my instincts at all times. I had never seen bears hunt, ever. No one i have spoken to has either. So that was a first. I hope that answers your question. Thank you for asking Kim.

  3. You live in an area of such wild and natural beauty and your posts do uplift my spirits because you show such wonderful things.
    I understand your hesitation in telling the story you did... the reality of life in the wild. We know these things and we often prefer to put them at the back of our mind. I don't like to watch documentaries on wild animals where the violence of the killings is shown.
    Your story was especially poignant because you had shown us a picture of a little fawn.

  4. AnonymousJune 14, 2014

    Your photos are beautiful, Tammie.
    Yes, the natural world is better-sweet, but it is what it is. It seems to me even more tragic that so many of the young are killed on the highways or railways.

  5. Nature is beautiful, no doubt, but there are people, as someone I know , as you sincerely, that make it even more beautiful for us.
    Thanks you, Tammie.


  6. Nature is indeed my go to for balance and deep serenity . Your photography always evoke such a beautiful feeling.
    Even though I understand the circle of life and respect the ways of the wild. The compassion for a mother animal loosing it's baby was strong as I read your words of the happening. Then again the bear was a mother having to feed her children as well ~ and so it goes.
    Thank you for sharing all of this.

  7. It is the way of Nature and therefore natural even if it breaks our human hearts...

    Are you ever going to publish a book of your photos???

  8. Hi Sandra,

    I am sorry to surprise you with my story, i know it is a hard one.

    Yes, many more deer, fawn, elk etc. are killed by our cars and trains. So true.

    Thank you Tomás

    Well said Willow, there were three mothers at this event, the deer, the bear and me.

    Ciel, gosh, I have not thought of a book for oh so long. I use to work on one, perhaps i will take a look at it.
    Thanks for suggesting, again that i do so.

    Sweet Sunday to you all.

  9. Tammie, You really do capture beautiful moments, and living so close to nature you can be witness to so many experiences.
    Like you I feel we do have to respect the natural world, a killing is so sad but it feeds another family, but not so nice to have happening so close to you.
    I always enjoy your wonderful photographs, going to visit your paintings too and catch up on your work. Millyx

  10. A beautiful variety of photos. I had a mother bear and her three cubs visit the side of my deck not too long ago. I had always heard that bears were berry eaters.

  11. hello and thank you for your message Milly. Yes, sad, but does feed another family.

    hello S.Etole,

    yes, bears are berry eaters, but there will not be many berries for a couple of months. They eat a huge amount of grass at this time and anything else they come across. They also tip over logs and tear at stumps for the insects or moths they can find, high in protein.

    thank you all for your comments and visits and for enjoying the photographs!

  12. Your gorgeous photos have definitely helped my spirit! As for the story, it is the way of nature, and of life. We have such a limited view of such things as modern humans; we don't have to kill our meat in order to eat it, so we rarely think about it. thank you for sharing your photos.

  13. Hi Sharmon,
    So good to have you visit and share your thoughts. yes, supermarket shopping does take reality out of the story. The only thing that does not die for us to eat it is fruit and nuts, which i suppose could be considered fruit too.

  14. gorgeous images and yes it is sad but it is the way of life.

  15. Montana seems like a wild and very beautiful place to live in. Love your "reports" and pics !

  16. Nature is resuscitating and you portray it so well. I too love the wild places of this Earth.
    We had black bears at my in-laws cottage in Vermont. We really have to respect nature in all have forms.

  17. You live in such an amazing place, I'd be scared to come upon a bear myself around your home! What an incredible thing to witness, so very sad for the mama deer!
    Your photos are gorgeous, I love that shiny rain drop on the green leaf, it sparkles with simple and pure beauty, wonderful photos as always!

  18. AnonymousJune 16, 2014

    You capture the small details of beauty in nature! Gorgeous shots.

  19. Beautiful photos, Tammie. The owlet is adorable. Also…your description of the "other" side of nature was insightful.

  20. Beautiful photos - there's nothing like storms in the mountains. I've encountered mama bear with her two cubs while hiking, but never seen them eating their kill.

  21. Hi Tammie,
    What beautiful photos you have shared today, and a touching story.
    It is the circle of life in the wild, although hard to witness.
    Your photos are really exquisite.

    Thank you so much for coming over to wish Jasper a Happy birthday.

  22. Such gorgeous images and that opening photo pulls me into the landscape and up, up, up into that magnificent sky.

    And yes, as I'm often heard saying, "All life consumes life to live."

    Blessings of the waning spring and waxing summer to you!

  23. Such gorgeous and epic photos..images and moments...all awe-inspiring..I am of course drawn to the amazing owlet..so divine and magical!Thanks for sharing the wild and magical and realm of nature in all it embodies..life death..rebirth..

  24. I always enjoy your posts. Nice to see what is going on on the other site of the world :)

    btw I hear often an owl in the night but I am not lucky to see her during the day- she is APPARENTLY not interested at me at all :)

  25. You live in such a beautiful area. Your photos sometimes make us forget that nature has its dark side too, such as bears needing to eat. Thanks for sharing that story.

  26. Lovely to revisit this gorgeous post..your images sing a beautiful meditation for me today...
    Wishing you a magical wkd!
    Thanks always for your kind visit kindred~~

  27. Beautiful pictures as always Tammie, you've captured that fawn absolutely perfect.
    Talking of nature's cruelety, that's life in the wilds I guess.
    On my visit to the Wetlands last week, we saw a herring gull devouring a moorhen chick that he'd just poached from a nearby nest.
    I must get to Montana soon, I've a mind to drive from Great Falls to Anchorage, Alaska.

  28. Dear Tammie,

    Your words and images are always a great help to my spirit. I have missed visiting you but have been overwhelmed and not online as much for my 'spirit' and body really.

    So, coming here is one of the first places I go when visiting blogs. I am never disappointed. Respect and awareness as you say is key to our living well with nature's creatures. I feel for the mother deer too but as you point out 'we all eat.' Bears are 'seriously strong' I love that! So true!! After thirty years of safe habitat here, my nest box birds all lost their broods to bears. My world is not so vast, majestic, or wild as yours. I love seeing Montana through your eyes and spirit. Thank you so much for always being here. I so admire you Tammie. Love, Carol

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