DC: metamorphosis

Winter is now dancing with Spring

daytime temperatures are high and snow is melting
the creek is  a mix of flowing and frozen

night time temps are cold
and waters freeze over

along the shore
grass and ice

  crystals grow at night
these were needle small 

along holes where animals or people have stepped
teeny hands of crystals grow while we sleep
and melt in the day

I do not remember seeing these seeds in our creek before
(they are floating in the water, or frozen to it)
I hope it is a native plant

so we've arrived at the in-between
of winter's breath
and the lively dance of spring

a metamorphosis of one season turning into the next

turns to thaw and freeze
every day
spring will reign

I find it all so beautiful to see

I am joining a wonderful group of artists
this weekend,
letting the word: Metamorphosis 
inspire them to create in any way they wish 
and share it on their blogs



  1. Your macro shots of those ice crystals stand out beautifully.

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  3. Lovely pictures of the detail of this time of year. Funnily, I had exactly the same thought about the seeds! We have an invasive that spreads along water courses. I am sure yours will be a lovely native flower!

  4. ...loved this sentence: "Winter is now dancing with Spring." It's perfect and dreamy!

  5. Lovely description of the dance between winter and spring.

  6. The best time for you to take these great texture pictures!
    Brilliant photos, Tammie, as usual :)
    Keep well!

  7. It is a beautiful transition.
    But... they all are.

    EnJOY the beauty!

  8. Wow, your macro shots are very beautifully.
    Happy weekend

  9. Beutiful winther shoots!!glad you took the time to bend down and see all thelittle things!!Well done:)))

  10. What a fabulous creek shot with the transitional ice. Yes, it's an odd year but an early spring, I think (despite a foot of snow yesterday, I say this with some confidence and great joy!). Simply loving your crystals! Again!

  11. Your photos make me want to get out and look for a stream! Beautiful words and photography, Tammie.

  12. Thanx Tammie for the hint about the shoots..I dont know what happened..but they are all gone now..
    Well i quess i have to start all over again

    Thanx again Tammie

  13. Fantastic photos of your MT metamorphosis, Tammie. I hope those seed are native, too! I love your frosty pics.

  14. There are so many beauties in the frosty spring. I like your crystals photos.

  15. The ice needles are exquisite......lovely captures!
    Thanks as always for sharing the beauty.

    Happy weekend Tammie!

  16. Beautiful captures once again :) The seeds look like they might be millet seeds ..great food for birds and can be eaten by us flightless humans too. ♥

  17. Beautiful images!
    Keep warm and enjoy the season.

  18. I can feel spring spirit via your photos! I love the earth colors and your way to take a close look of tiny details in nature, thank you:) Leena

  19. Beautiful photo. Wonderful to see how nature unfolds. - eric

  20. Beautiful. Beautiful accomplished photography. Beautiful part of the world. Beautiful sense of nature and process and metamorphosis. Beautiful post dear Tammie Lee! Thank you for this glimpse. Hugs, N, x

  21. Thank you, dear Tammie, for your beautiful photos of Winter's dance with Spring! You've captured the smallest things like crystals, those tiny hands!, and the water, frozen or floating. Yes, you live in a wonderful place. Thank you for showing us the metamorphosis there.
    Love, Ariane. Rose

  22. Come on spring! Shining like a diamond. The best kind of metamorphosis. :D Love your beautiful photography dearest, and you do live in a most spectacular corner of the old globe. Big hugs.

  23. a thing of joy and beauty, seasons ebbing and flowing into one another. those frozen 'needles' are so decorative, so inspiring, so shiny! n♥

  24. Congratulations! Beautiful photos!!!!!!!! In almost not time all colors there will became green! :)

  25. Such a beautiful metamorphosis, seen through your eyes, Tammie. Those first three golden images are magical.

  26. You metamorphosed the nature into an exquisite art, Tammie. In the meantime, you’ll show us a newly-emerged views of spring of your place. Here in Nara, yesterday was very cold winter; today was so warm like April.


  27. Spring is beginning her dance in, as your photos sing!
    I'm looking forward to the vernal arrival *and* enJOYing this transitional time of beauty and wonder. It's reassuring to Know I'm not alone. Big LoVe to you!

  28. Oh how I've loved visiting here again, all that amazing beauty and delicate change happening now, it really is magical and so wonderful to have your striking photos to share in this magical beauty!


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