Montana Blues

little forget-me-nots
turning pink lavenders 
ending up 
dressed in raindrops

sometimes the blues of our lakes 
seem magical

last night we had a wonderfully dramatic storm
some lightening
this morning blue skies, white clouds and a green earth

blue seems the perfect color for a sky
I think it compliments our entire world
gotta love the tipping bales of hay

mountains deep blue
nearly aqua blue
mist and clouds mingling with both

if one is willing to climb high
into the mountains
in the midst of summer
they will find mineral rich aqua icy waters
against a fabulous blue sky

near sunset
downtown Whitefish Montana
heavenly little clouds drifting in the blue sky
I offer you a strand of Montana Blues 

this weekend visit dear Patrice 
who offered: blue 
to inspire us this weekend for Art Challenge
Thank you for being our lovely host!



  1. It is a pleasure to see the blogs made for you, Tammie.


  2. Beautiful pictures. Blue is such a lovely colour. I wonder if it is because I associate it with lovely sunny days, which are quite rare here in Scotland!!

  3. Just - wow! Every shade of blue, and every image looking like a picture if heaven! Your photos remind me of hiking up to Iceberg Lake at Glacier National Park, one of my favorite places on Earth. Thanks for reminding me of that happy memory!

  4. Your takes on the mountains are breathtaking!

  5. I would say you are having very blue days -- blue in the best sense of the word. Those forget-me-nots are especially enchanting!

  6. such wonderful country! and i love the forget-me-nots, they are my favourite flower.

  7. ...I really enjoyed this sliver of Montana Blues. Everything is so fresh and gorgeous. :-)

  8. Such a gorgeous nature - the mountains breathtaking
    happy weekend

    Y TODO...

  10. Beautiful photos - there's nothing like early summer in the Rockies.

  11. Such beautiful shades of blue your way ♥

  12. Whilst the collection of pictures you've shared is beautiful, I cannot take my eyes of the first picture with the forget me nots - just wow!!

  13. Such gorgeous blues and those forget-me-not flowers are touchingly beautiful with their yellow centres and all dressed in raindrops! I also love those yellow bales of hay against that blue sky. There's something very special about yellow and sky blue together!

  14. Ha Tammie, lovely shades of blue.
    the skies, the waters, the flower forget me!
    beautiful images pleasing to the eye.
    Love greetings.

    Ha Tammie, heerlijk de kleuren hemels blauw.
    de luchten de wateren, het bloemetje vergeet me niet!
    mooie beelden een genot voor het oog.
    Liefs groetjes.

  15. Tammie, I was so happy to find forget me nots blooming in my front yard this week. Our skies here in Co have been bright blue, too. I love your hay stack photo. That icy mountain lake is a glacial blue that I love. Guess what I saw today and immediately thought of you? Yes, the elusive Fairy Slipper (Calypso Orchid) is blooming! Happy Days!

  16. the tipping bales do it for me, tammie; you live in magical countryside, this is how i picture america often and when i crave for a good old romantic american movie, it seems to be wanting to be set in montana-alike surroundings. or why not? montana itself.
    this is a strong ode to what you love so deeply. n♥

  17. I can see why they call Montana "Big Sky Country."

  18. I can see why they call Montana "Big Sky Country."

  19. Dear Tammie - Blue is my favorite color. In this post, I especially like the deep blue of the mountains and the pale aqua of the icy water. Your forget-me-not blue is so special. The color blue makes me feel calm, serene, and refreshed, so did this post on me.


  20. I know I've said it before, but I just love Montana. A love affair since I was about 9 yrs old and true love lasts for ever! What gloriously beautiful country. It's so similar to BC actually...except without the ocean. Maybe that's why my whole heart always goes out to it.

  21. Loved this post from the beginning to the end! Do forget-me-nots grow wild there?

    1. Hi Sandy, yes, forget-me-nots grow wild here, but they are not native: True Forget-me-not - Myosotis scorpioides. We have a few flowers that look very similar to them. Someday I will sit down and learn about them all.

  22. Hello, Tammie! I love this post in blue! Beautiful words to the beautiful pics... The tiny flowers "dressed" in raindrops, the amazing colour of the lake and the mingling mist and clouds are my favourites! Best wishes for a lovely new week!

  23. I would definitely hike the mountain to see the crystal blue lake nestling amongst the peaks. I liked the leaning bales too. Beautiful shots throughout this wonderful post. Thanks for showing, Tammie! N, x

  24. I would definitely hike the mountain to see the crystal blue lake nestling amongst the peaks. I liked the leaning bales too. Beautiful shots throughout this wonderful post. Thanks for showing, Tammie! N, x

  25. Oh my goodness, your forget-me-knots are exquisite. Gorgeous scenery in your part of the world. Fabulous photos!

  26. What a beautiful collection of scenery and flowers! It is indeed beautiful up your way!

  27. Those little forget me nots - in the shape of a heart... lovely.
    All of the images lovely!!

  28. Surprising to see how many shades of blue nature offers us. I love all, but the second last picture with the lake is my favorite. - eric

  29. Just pure blue awesomeness in picture - one can look at it again and again and never get tired or fed up with it - blue just soothes the soul! Such a terrific place you live in.
    barbara bee

  30. oooo.....
    what a magical place to live!
    all that blue around you
    in sky, water, flowers....
    thank you so much for
    sharing and joining

  31. had to stop in and say those forget me nots look very much heartshaped.


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