Rainbow Lake

Rainbow lake was the destination
 (no rainbow, but look at those blues!)

we traveled through endless flowers

flowers feel like a  glorious celebration  
of life

every once in a while
I looked up
to see a beautiful blue sky
with dancing clouds passing by

met a new flower:
mountain sandwort
it is tiny

on the drive
I found a baby grouse on one side of the road

mamma on the other

so I waited and watched the youngster cross 
off they walked into the woods

a lovely day long outing



  1. I like to brighten my eyes with your blogs, they are simply inimitable for their beauty.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  2. Such magnificence! And close-up tenderness too.

  3. Perused a number of posts reminding me of Montana's scenic beauty and memories of my two sons mountain camping and flyfishing there in the eighties and nineties...:)

  4. What a beautiful place. Love the deep blues of the lake.

  5. So wonderful pictures - great - such a splendor !
    Happy day Crissi

  6. Wonderful shots of the Rainbow Lake, the wonderful and diverse wild flowers and even a baby grouse learning to cross the road to join its mum!

  7. The best kind of walk in the woods.

  8. You don't need the rainbow IN the lake -- it's all around. Plenty of Roy G. Biv in those trees and flowers. And the birds are enchanting! Gorgeous.

  9. That baby grouse is so cute! The photos are beautiful Tammie Lee, especially the photo of the lake, that blue is brilliant!

  10. Such beautiful photos and refreshing as I set here in my stuffy studio because it's 105° outside and I don't even want to know what the heat index is. I'm just going to go back and stare at that beautiful lake an imagine myself with my feet dangling in it ♥

  11. What a beautiful lake!

    That's a different kind of grouse than what we see here, but the body language seems to cross types.

  12. Tammie Lee, your pictures make my heart sing! What a beautiful one of the lake. It's almost like a greenish-blue, stunning. The baby grouse is precious. I don't ever see those fellows around here. Thanks for taking us along with you on your lovely day.


  13. What an incredible flower garden! Those are beautiful!
    The grouse chick is really cute... and has a very nice looking mother!

  14. Dear Tammie - This is a beautiful hiking with pleasant surprises one after another. The blueness of the lake, the flowing clouds, the exuberance of gem-like flowers, cute grouse chick, etc…., I dream of them. What I need now is the refreshing air which I feel wafting from your post. Here air feels stifling due to oppressive humidity and high temperature.


  15. Hello,Tammie,
    What a beautiful place! Fabulous blue lake and many flowers! I loved to read your story of the baby grouse.
    Have a beautiful day.

  16. I love that turquoise water and all those flowers. What a gorgeous sandwort! I've been seeing lots of baby grouse. I go very slowly through tall grass because I fear running one over... They are sweet.

  17. So beautiful..I would love to be wandering along those endless flowers and feeling the magic..ethereal-beauty! AW, I am smitten with that sweet baby grouse, amazing! Such a gift to see! Thank you always for shining nature's soul!

  18. le petit baby est trop mignon!!!

    1. Looks like how I'd picture Shangri la, such vivid colors and textures.

      It's been 55 days without rain in BC,a very dry summer. The Interior is much worse though, I'm grateful we are on the Island this year.

      Have a lovely week Tammie.😊


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