More from the Tiny World

standing above
it nearly looks like a cream colored rock with dark specks

kneeling to look closely
macro lens helps
an intricate world of detail

I wonder if this is what is meant (in the title of the book) Mycelium Running
it appears to be going from the stick to the leaf
(thank goodness for the decomposers of our world)

 don't you want to touch it ;-)
soft little moss sculpture
like something from manicured garden

a magical threshold 
to a underworld home

snow is melting 
meadows that will later be grasslands
are now shallow lakes

I saw my first butterfly 
of the year

it really is heartwarming to note the small details
of a new season

indeed, nature is a spirit helper

lovely days and nights to you


  1. Nice! I have never seen the lichen in the first shot. The entrance to the underworld home is stunning. Our snow is gone, but the cold air isn't.

    1. New to me too. It has always been around, I just finally took the time to notice and spend time with it.
      I love that home entrance too. Imagine if we did our home doors like that!

  2. Your macro work is nothing short of outstanding. There is a whole world down there we don’t readily see. Reminds of when I first looked at plant cells through a microscope - such a revelation.

    1. Thank you for enjoying my macro work! It really takes loving effort since I hand hold the camera. Plenty of deleting goes on for me ;-)

  3. I love moss, I always want to touch it! What pretty photos...and you have a butterfly, how lucky! :)

    1. There is something about moss that makes us want to touch it.
      Yes, I was thrilled to see a few butterflies that day.

  4. I haven't seen your blog for awhile. I had forgotten how stunning your photos are. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Nature is the greatest spirit helper that I know of. Your photos of all things nature are so incredible!

  6. There is one thing that stands out in all this, your professionalism in photography. You're very good.
    Have a good one, Tammie !.


  7. Oh my! It is the magic of nature. I'm so grateful spring is coming to your world. And as always, your photos take my breath away.

  8. Lovely reminders of the tiny beings that are such an important part of the natural world. Wonderful photos!

  9. Beautiful details through your macro lens, Tammie. So heart-warming to see that first butterfly too! Wishing you a beautiful week and enjoying your lovely nature to the full!

  10. beautiful structure of stones and mycelium. Enjoying your observations

  11. Amazing and intricate photos, your diary of nature is always so magical and awe-inspiring! Beautiful! Yay , a butterfly, what a gift!

  12. Fantastic macro shots - wonderful!
    Hug Crissi

  13. Interesting pictures, Tammie Lee. Isn't nature fascinating? Love that little butterfly. They always seem to flutter away before I can get a good picture. It looks like everything is thawing out and Spring is arriving there. : )

    Enjoy these days!


  14. This is amazing....I love them all especially the moss and landscape.
    Nature is wonderful constantly giving us change and beauty.
    Every day a new beginning
    Thank you Tammie - lovely days and nights to you too!

  15. Dear Tammie - You’ve made me realize that lichen is mysteriously fascinating. And the changing landscape, too. It’s so exciting to imagine the great transformation from shallow lakes to grasslands.



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