Evidence of Spring

on the first day of spring
I donned snowshoes and went looking for signs of new life

 it was a warm day at 57F 
snow melts daily and the music of the creek grows louder each day with the thaw

buds of cottonwoods, birch and aspen swell noticeably each day

the furry aspen (male) buds are just beginning to push their way through winters protective shielding

 spring begins slowly in NW Montana, no green, no flowers... still it is happening and is a bit thrilling

it was a joy to see this lovely and healthy orange lichen colony

this cute little pine sisken appears to be posing......

 Each season is a treasure.

Lovely spring or perhaps autumn to you!


  1. As you say it is wonderful to see signs of spring everywhere. It is happening here too and is a cause for great celebration.

  2. You have much higher temps than we've had so far. Ours haven't gone above mid-40's. However, there is melt during the day and refreezing at night. Last night we had a trace of snow. This morning the sun was shining, and snow fell lazily for a little while. I love your photos. You taught me last year to look for the male/female aspens. That lichen is a golden treasure. I had a little chickadee visiting yesterday and of course my resident gray jays. When I whistle while on the deck, the jays appear, hoping for a crust of bread. Thinking of you, Tammie.

  3. All these signs of sprting! Isn't it exciting?! I love that little pine sisken!

  4. The lichen is so brilliant, I love the colours and texture! I'm hearing the Mourning Doves...even in the snowstorm, they are around. They go away all winter and when I hear them, I get a little chill of excitement, knowing it's just a matter of time for the robins to appear too! Yay for spring!!! :) Your photos are always so amazing!!! :)


  6. I love witnessing the budding of the trees in this season. We added some red maple buds to a wild harvested tea the other day!
    And the pine sisken... I've never seen one. Until now. Precious!

  7. how exciting for you! here we have increasing evidence of autumn, despite the relentless humidity, and it's absolutely wonderful.

  8. The sisken is quite a sight.

  9. It is so nice to find spring signs.
    Your buds are so amall,but look so powerful.
    Have a lovely day.

  10. Beautiful leaf buds! The orange lichen is so vibrant. Enjoyed seeing the lovely earthy colours in your photos today. Have a wonderful time wandering :)


  11. Sure nice to see the signs of spring! It has come suddenly but so very welcome. We must savor it.

  12. Exquisite. Those budded ranches are beautiful and what a sweet bird! Beautiful captures.

  13. Aahh, that sweet bird is surely a sign of Spring. They are precious to me.



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