Ice Ice Baby

along the water's edge

find mystery and majesty

crystalline caverns that make one sing

miracles and frozen things

it's winter’s lovely paradise

along the water’s edge


  1. Beautiful pictures !!
    Have a good one, Tammie !


  2. Are those ice bubbles in the first pic? I love the heart shape with the ice crystals inside. We are buried under snow, Tammie (including the streams)!

    1. No, not bubbles... simply ice that somehow formed that way or melted that way.
      So you are under snow. Most our creeks, ponds and lakes are frozen and under snow also. But I only have a couple feet of snow at my place.
      Fun, I did not see the heart shape before you mentioned it.

  3. So much of ours has now melted we are under water in places. It would actually be good to have a couple of cold days to let some of this water escape to avoid flooding. As your pictures depict, ice can be very beautiful. I think for now though the beauty of some spring flowers would be a perfect substitute!

  4. How beautiful to see your winter world!!
    I am hearing the sound the ice rocks are making in the nature.
    All of your photos are wonderful, and my favorite is the last one"along the water'edge".

  5. Soooooooo beautiful Tammie! Still winter at your place, full spring at mine! Hugs! :-)

  6. So beautiful around your neck of the woods, Tammie Lee. It's been raining a lot lately in California, which is greatly appreciated, but this week it feels like Spring is on its way, and the Pink blossom trees grace our whole town. : )

    Happy March!


  7. Beautiful ice and frost pictures! That first one is amazing! Enjoy the last of the winter!

  8. The magical world of ice - all so beautifully captured by you, Tammie!

  9. Beautiful as always!

  10. Absolutely stunning!

  11. So pure, what a beautiful shot!!

  12. Wow I just saw the other pictures takes, what a selection, my eyes are glittering at the show!!

  13. Your ice shots always take my breath away.

  14. Love your wintry photos, and the photos of the ice crystals, Tammie!! You capture the subtle beauty of winter so wonderfully.


  15. Such amazingly beautiful patterns... and I am grateful that you notice and honor them... and share it all with us!

  16. The photos are lovely, the prose is beautiful....but (I say sarcastically) THANK YOU SO MUCH for tattooing that Vanilla Ice song back into my head lol! ;)


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