lovely to see these Ruffed Grouse in a bush

their chamouflage is wonderful

it was a pair of birds

nice that they have one another for winter

the second bird was well hidden

ice crystal season has begun

this one is not super clear as it was a bit frosty on top 

of the crystals

lovely in its star shape

Looking out the window, a deeply gray day and the world seems frozen.

Yet I step out and two little birds fly to me, land on my hand for nuts.

A doe wanders through the yard and gazes as me as I fill my carrier with wood for the stove.

She wanders off between the ponds, we are all aware of one another.

THEN an explosion of movement and sound appears from the far side of the pond.

A buck at high speed appears to be flying and the doe flees swiftly. 

The chase is on. 

Flying over fences at high speed. Then it all stops, she got away. Five minutes later, nearly the same event happens all over again, this time I had my camera out and captured this photo of the buck on the hunt. I stood still as a tree and he ignored me. He heard her movement and the chase was on. Again she escapes. A few minutes later I hear them charging through the woods. Three times….. he was quite sincere in his chase. I did not see the outcome, did she get away?

I read there are a number of reasons for a buck behaving this way. Not always the rut, sometimes due to the amount of testosterone. This was a first sighting for me.

Our frozen world is not entirely frozen for the season. Step outside and one never knows what they will experience.



  1. How exciting for you and, perhaps, concerning for her. It sounds like she wasn't interested. Lovely shots.

    1. Yes, it was exciting to watch. You are right, she wanted nothing to do with him. Do you know you don't have a blog listed on your profile page?

    2. Yes Tammie Lee. I used a secondary email when I set up my blogger account and didn’t realize that there would be conflict with how my profile would appear. 🥺😠

  2. I am used to the antics of spruce grouse, which are quite similar.

  3. What a beautiful bird.
    and the deer, beautiful!

    Enjoy the beautiful time.

  4. I've never seen a grouse before -- what an amazing bird! And I enjoyed the drama with the deer and the doe. So glad you shared it with us. Grateful as always for your keen observation and tender heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ich beneide dich ein wenig, liebe Tammie Lee, du erlebst jeden Tag ein Abenteuer, wenn du vor die Tür trittst. Es ist so schön, dass du deine Beobachtungen weitergibst. Danke dafür.
    Der Schneekristall ist zauberhaft, das Verhalten der Tiere interessant.
    Herzliche Grüße und einen schönen Dezember!

  6. What a interesting story, Tammie Lee. You're right, step outside and one never knows what they will experience.....especially in the mountains with the wild as their neighbors. I was sitting in my car getting ready to go, and I noticed a deer right by the fence that surrounds my front yard. It was a big deer too, and I just gazed at her and smiled. The crystals around your neck of the woods always look like magical snowflakes. I love to see what's happening in your world, Tammie Lee.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season.


  7. Such gorgeous photos and magical creatures...I love the adventures you share, nature is amazing. Always love visiting your wondrous world..

  8. Happy holiday to you! Merry Christmas.

  9. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un merveilleux moment passé en ta compagnie... Tes clichés photographiques sont fantastiques et apportent de la magie, du rêve dont nous avons bien besoin. Merci !

    Mille mercis pour l'ensemble de tes très généreux messages laissés sur mes petits billets !

    Je te souhaite de très belles fêtes de Noël et une merveilleuse année 2023 pour toi, ta famille et toutes les personnes qui te sont chères.

    je t'embrasse affectueusement,

    Bisous bisous



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