Tea Fire

This past week I was in Santa Barbara, California. I went down tie up loose ends I left behind four years ago. Loose ends in this case is belongings I left in storage. In this moment I am deeply aware of how possessions can be quite a burden. One buys them, they then care for them, house them, move them around and if they no longer want their possessions they have to find away to get rid of them. I am exhausted. Still I feel as though I accomplished quite a bit.

In the middle of the week the Tea Fire began! The energy of the town changed in an instant! People drove with fear, excitement and fast. The news of the fire was on every television, smoke and ash filled the air and news of homes destroyed touched folks hearts with sadness and distress. I was staying with a girlfriend, near enough to the fire that we evacuated taking her precious belongings.

This trip only a little point and shoot camera accompanied me. I never got out and took pictures of the fire as I was too busy with the living of life. Still these two images I can share. The top photo is sunset through smoke the last night of the fire. The photo below is sunrise through a dirty plane window as I flew off to return home.

My heartfelt prayers and best wishes go to the folks that have lost their homes this past week. May you find your way with grace and the support of many people.


  1. Wow I love the bottom photo, it is gorgeous!
    It is really sad that those people have to go through this again. It seems every year something like this happens.
    I was looking at the top photo and thought it looked lonely and sort of sad, and now that I know it was taken through the haze of smoke it makes some sense.
    Wonderful pictures as usual.

  2. Welcome home, Tammie. We're all out here awaiting more of your photographic explorations of Nirvana.

  3. I have to disagree with Shannon- I love the top photo which is quite unique- the bottom one...that's a really common sight down here!

  4. P.S. I nominated you for an award...come see my blog to claim it :)

  5. I can relate to the exhaustion of clearing out stuff. Currently in the process of doing a bit of decluttering myself. But the feeling afterwards is great, isn't it?

  6. Shannanigans,

    Thank you for your generous award!


    Yes, it does feel great to lighten the load and get organized. I am off to do more! Good luck with yours.

  7. Hi Tammie!
    Beautiful, if sad, photos. And indeed it is nice to have you back.
    I am changing jobs after nine years. I cleaned out my office and deleted a couple of gigabytes of files on Friday, my last day at the old job. Sad in one sense, liberating in another – it’s a bittersweet emotion quitting oneself of excess baggage. I’ve dumped my personal belongings several times in my life and found that I hardly miss anything at all. I’ve found that it’s the people you leave behind that leaves a hole in your heart.

    - Son

    p.s. my Snoopy posters travel onwards with me . . .

  8. Those fires are devastating! I feel so sad for those who lose their homes.

    What a profound metaphor for you as you tied up your loose ends and went through old burdens..

  9. Son,

    So you are changing your job.I wish you the best on your new venture! Perhaps I can take lessons from you in dumping belongings. I have rid myself of so much and yet my pile feels like a burden. I know numerous people who lost their homes in the Tea Fire. I am hearing that after the shock that there is an awareness of it being a huge gift. Feelings of freedom are words I have heard from them. And yes, it is about the people.... treasured precious people.


    I agree it is so interesting to be moving my things north as others have theirs taken in a fire. Odd timing.

    Thank you all for visiting!

  10. Smoke can make for great sunrise and sunset photos.

    Possessions certainly have a knack of trying to possess us.


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